1. Corporate Video Production Checks and Balances

    Much like effective governments, the best corporate video production succeeds on a system of checks and balances. A single contractor who speaks to a client, plans the shoot, shoots the video, and edits the finished result could do a fantastic job, just like a president could make all of the right d…Read More

  2. JLB Media Productions Featured on Clutch!

    The world is moving towards video and JLB Media Productions is the place to go for your production needs. In 2017, it seems we don’t go a day without pulling up a video on our phone or on our computer at night. They capture everyone’s attention and take hold on their emotions. But it isn’t all…Read More

  3. Event Video Production for Trade Shows

    Many companies spend a lot of money to send key employees to trade shows, purchase booth space, print materials to hand out to attendees, and pay for lodging and airfare. Though the hope is for trade shows to provide meaningful leads and industry connections that pay dividends down the road, compani…Read More

  4. Choosing A Video Production Company

    When you’re in the process of planning corporate video production as part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to know how to select the best long-term fit for your production needs. Though cost is a big consideration for any business, you have to consider the quality of corporate videos y…Read More

  5. 10 Best Corporate Video Production Ideas

    Companies today know that video production is an important part of their digital marketing strategy, but often wonder where to start. Even after producing a video or two, what else can be done to engage your customers or potential customers? Today, let’s take a look at some types of corporate vide…Read More

  6. What To Do After Your First Corporate Video

    You’ve finished your first corporate video production, so now what should you do? Besides the obvious answer — make more videos, of course! — let’s take a look at some strategies to maximize your return on investment and prepare for future steps in your digital marketing plan. Here is a chec…Read More

  7. Corporate Video SEO Benefits

    Besides being valuable marketing pieces, corporate video production can help boost your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Since video production for marketing purposes is largely about attracting more customers, gaining SEO benefits from your corporate videos is a no-brainer. Let…Read More

  8. The 10 Biggest Myths of Video Marketing

    Myth: You can’t afford a great video unless you have a few hundred thousand dollar marketing budget. Fact: Great videos are more the result of creativity and proper planning than massive marketing budgets. Even a few thousand dollars can be enough to create a great video with the right planning, b…Read More

  9. Additional Tips and Tricks for Videographers Seeking Work

    As Part 2 of our advice for videographers seeking work with production companies, I want to take a look into some tips and tricks you can use to benefit your efforts. The goal is not just to make the most money per day of shooting, or to book the most days of work per month, but to establish great l…Read More

  10. What Producers Look for in Videographer Reels and Resumes

    A large part of our success as a national corporate video production company is the ability to find and recognize talent in far away places, without ever meeting the videographer, working with them, or otherwise knowing them. We have built an extensive videographer network in large cities and remote…Read More