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  1. Shooting Food for Corporate Videos and Commercials

    Though it’s a niche subject, shooting video of food and drinks in corporate work and commercials has its own challenges that have created a niche industry of professionals who specialize in food photography and food videography. A relative handful of commercial directors (many or most of whom are …Read More

  2. Anatomy of the Creative Process: Commercial Production, Part 2

    Once the script for a commercial is approved, pre-production can begin in earnest, which involves hiring the right crew for the project, securing locations, auditioning talent, and figuring out equipment needs. On a small commercial production where budget is a concern, we don’t have the resources…Read More

  3. Anatomy of the Creative Process: Commercial Production, Part 1

    One of the perpetual constants of film production is an immense amount of time expended for even the smallest finished videos. With most jobs, people can’t just take a few minutes and see “what you’ve been up to” for the past few weeks or months, but with film production your time is on disp…Read More

  4. Commercial Television Production Costs

    While the cost of commercial television production is widely known to advertising agencies and production companies, most outside marketing professionals, especially for small to mid-sized businesses, have very little idea about the costs involved. As with any advertising, the range is enormous betw…Read More

  5. Corporate Video Lessons from Super Bowl Commercials (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of our blog article on Super Bowl advertising and lessons to learn from the biggest agency commercials of the year, we looked at some of the weakest links and the reasons why some commercials just don’t connect with viewers. Whether the subject of the commercial or the product itself isn…Read More

  6. Corporate Video Lessons from Super Bowl Commercials (Part 1)

    The price for 30-second spots during Super Bowl LI passed $5 million in 2017, an incredible sum of money for just a single commercial airing. Still, the Super Bowl reaches more consumers than any other television broadcast on an annual basis by far, with the latest contest drawing 111.3 million view…Read More

  7. Portland Commercial Shoot for Mr. Formal

    As covered in our previous blog entry, we shot a fun, creative video project for local men’s formalwear rental company Mr. Formal in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, December 7. The goal of the video was to showcase Mr. Formal’s brand in a clever way, drawing attention to how their clothing can ma…Read More

  8. JLB Media Contest Video Shoot / Portland Commercial Production

    During the summer, we ran a contest giving away a free corporate video with a value of $10,000. As with most companies running marketing contests, we had several goals for the project and the contest. First, we wanted to generate survey results that we could use for publishing our own data about a f…Read More