High-quality corporate video productions are a must in today’s tech-savvy world. Your employees, stockholders, business associates, and investors will take far greater notice of you (and take you more seriously) when you have quality corporate video productions reinforcing the messages you’re trying to get across. JLB Media is a top Los Angeles video production company ready to turn your vision into reality. Whatever branding or corporate message you want to get across, we’ll work closely with you to create professional, top-quality videos you’ll be proud to share. Boost business, grow your clientele, elevate employee morale, and attract key business partners with your corporate video productions. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

  1. Fast Corporate Video Production

    Typical turnaround time for most corporate video work is between 6 and 8 weeks, but you don’t have nearly as much time. You need a product launch video or a special company video to play at your conference in just a few weeks. Can you make a video production happen from start to finish in just a f…Read More

  2. Hiring a Director for Corporate Video Work

    The vast majority of corporate video work doesn’t require a trained or skilled director, primarily because there are no actors involved, but also because the budget doesn’t usually allow for it. In filmmaking, the director makes or approves all key creative decisions and works closely with depar…Read More

  3. 5 Tricks for Appearing Natural on Camera

    Most of our corporate video work involves interviews in some capacity, which is a big difference from commercial video work. For corporate interviews, another huge difference is involving people with limited to no on-camera experience, versus professional actors and performers. Understandably, many …Read More

  4. Color Selection and Color Choices in Video

    An often overlooked aspect of creating a corporate video or commercial is the color palette for the project. Granted, when you’re filming an event or documentary-style production, you may have very limited control over the colors in the video. Everyone is wearing whatever clothes they have for the…Read More

  5. Corporate Video Duration and Structuring

    Most people have seen many marketing videos online, whether short commercials or longer product demonstrations, so intuitively most marketing professionals probably have a good idea about video length. At the same time, statistics help inform the proper structure and length of corporate videos using…Read More

  6. Filming During Business Hours

    For most of our clients, filming involves coming to their place of business and gathering B-roll, recording interviews, and showcasing their services or products. For filming videos at corporate offices that don’t have storefronts, filming during business hours usually presents few if any challeng…Read More

  7. Portland Training Video Project

    On Saturday, May 6, we filmed training video footage for a local Portland area valet parking company, Premiere Valet. Several times each month, the company deals with training new employee hires for valet service and going over correct procedures covering everything from parking to customer service …Read More

  8. What to Look For in a First Edit

    One of the topics that we haven’t covered much is helping clients review edits and make appropriate notes for improvement in a second edit or preparing for a final master edit. Regardless of whether the project is a $200 million Hollywood blockbuster or a $2,000 corporate video, no first edit is g…Read More

  9. Using Humor in Corporate Videos and Commercials

    Comedy is a great way to engage audiences and hook them as part of an effective marketing video, but it also has pitfalls to avoid. Humor that one person finds hilarious, another person finds offensive. Especially in today’s world, the battle between PC social justice warriors and everyone else me…Read More

  10. Avoiding Cheesy Corporate Videos

    No matter your budget or marketing goals, one of the cardinal sins of video marketing is producing cheesy, laughable videos that do more harm to your brand than good. Fortunately, avoiding cheesy videos is not mainly a matter of budget and spending, but creativity and professionalism. Here are some …Read More