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  1. Video Marketing for Boring Products and Services

    Hopefully no companies actually think of their own products or services as “boring,” but the title of today’s blog posts is to focus on “less sexy” products, like for instance a Ziplock bag versus an iPhone. Granted, an iPhone is cooler and a lot more fun, but a Ziplock bag is extremely us…Read More

  2. Importance of Visuals in Corporate Video Work

    In filmmaking, one of the biggest pieces of advice told to new filmmakers and film students is “show, don’t tell,” which could apply to the basic premise of creating a corporate video instead of relying on text on a Website or a few pictures. A video alone is not enough to satisfy the “show,…Read More

  3. Specialty Filmmaking Tools for Corporate and Commercial Videos

    In the world of big budget feature filmmaking, almost any type of specialty tool is available to capture the perfect shot. From specialty slow motion cameras to underwater housings to action cameras and car mounts, helicopter shots, and cranes, whatever a filmmaker can imagine, gear exists to help m…Read More

  4. Shooting Food for Corporate Videos and Commercials

    Though it’s a niche subject, shooting video of food and drinks in corporate work and commercials has its own challenges that have created a niche industry of professionals who specialize in food photography and food videography. A relative handful of commercial directors (many or most of whom are …Read More

  5. Producing Corporate Videos

    Corporate video work at lower budget levels is not much of a producing challenge compared to feature films or even short films, but making sure the process runs smoothly is part of what makes a production company worth hiring. Producing a video production of any kind involves several basic elements,…Read More

  6. Maximizing Your Creative Resources

    One of the key ways to save money on corporate video work is to take inventory of your creative resources, just like an independent film producer would do for a project. For instance, if you have a place of business, you already have one free location. If you have a marketing department or a marketi…Read More

  7. The Power of Cool

    When a lot of people think of the word “cool,” they may think it’s an inconsequential word, hardly stirring enough to discuss in a marketing blog. When I think of cool, I think how relevant the word is to almost every consumer product that isn’t a household good or tool. If the cool factor o…Read More

  8. Corporate Videos for Companies With Numerous Locations

    Many companies have to plan their video strategy by thinking about whether they should produce general brand videos or produce specific videos for each of their locations. The decision may come down to budgeting, as we discussed in the blog article about creating one high-end video or many less expe…Read More