High-quality corporate video productions are a must in today’s tech-savvy world. Your employees, stockholders, business associates, and investors will take far greater notice of you (and take you more seriously) when you have quality corporate video productions reinforcing the messages you’re trying to get across. JLB Media is a top Los Angeles video production company ready to turn your vision into reality. Whatever branding or corporate message you want to get across, we’ll work closely with you to create professional, top-quality videos you’ll be proud to share. Boost business, grow your clientele, elevate employee morale, and attract key business partners with your corporate video productions. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

  1. Life Cycle of a Corporate Video

    One of the key considerations in any cost-benefit analysis of marketing materials is the expected usefulness and lifespan of the material in question. When you pay a company to design a nice brochure, you spend money on the graphical design and quality of the piece because you expect to use it for s…Read More

  2. Planning for Inclement Weather

    On corporate video shoots involving outdoor filming, inclement weather is probably one of the biggest annoyances and sometimes cause for downright panic. When you want to showcase a beautiful exterior, but a hail storm happens to have other plans, you need to be able to adapt without ruining the sho…Read More

  3. Music for Corporate Video Productions

    The choice of music for a corporate video is very important to the overall feeling and mood of the video, which is critical to the impression the whole video gives viewers. Imagine a video for a relaxing upscale spa, but with hard rock playing during the duration of the video. The whole video would …Read More

  4. Corporate Video Production Checks and Balances

    Much like effective governments, the best corporate video production succeeds on a system of checks and balances. A single contractor who speaks to a client, plans the shoot, shoots the video, and edits the finished result could do a fantastic job, just like a president could make all of the right d…Read More

  5. Online Video Distribution and Video Types For Each Outlet

    One of the most common practices for many companies creating online videos is to commission a single video, then post it everywhere they can imagine from YouTube to the company home page to landing pages to their social media networks. Marketing executives have went through the tough process of figu…Read More

  6. Cinematography Styles for Corporate Work

    In filmmaking, numerous decisions fall to the director and cinematographer when deciding upon the look of the image. Whether they’re discussing lens selection, color saturation, lighting preferences, or camera rigs, each gear decision and technical decision has an impact on the overall artistic di…Read More

  7. Commercial Television Production Costs

    While the cost of commercial television production is widely known to advertising agencies and production companies, most outside marketing professionals, especially for small to mid-sized businesses, have very little idea about the costs involved. As with any advertising, the range is enormous betw…Read More

  8. Los Angeles Senior Living Corporate Video

    A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to shoot a corporate virtual tour video in Los Angeles for a remodeled community under new management with Integral Senior Living. While we have shot hundreds of senior living videos in states across the country, Integral was our first paid client as JLB Media…Read More

  9. Video Trends for 2017 (Part 2)

    Emerging technology will continue to change the landscape of online video in years to come, with 2017 being perhaps the first “breakthrough” year for mainstream VR video. With VR headsets becoming widely available, even extremely inexpensive ones using a viewer’s cell phone, more and more mark…Read More

  10. Video Trends for 2017 (Part 1)

    Each year, video becomes an increasingly more important aspect of most companies’ marketing goals. One of the big reasons for a rise in the importance of online videos is the increasing number of devices that viewers use to consume video content, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop…Read More