High-quality corporate video productions are a must in today’s tech-savvy world. Your employees, stockholders, business associates, and investors will take far greater notice of you (and take you more seriously) when you have quality corporate video productions reinforcing the messages you’re trying to get across. JLB Media is a top Los Angeles video production company ready to turn your vision into reality. Whatever branding or corporate message you want to get across, we’ll work closely with you to create professional, top-quality videos you’ll be proud to share. Boost business, grow your clientele, elevate employee morale, and attract key business partners with your corporate video productions. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

  1. In House Video Production vs. Outsourcing

    For larger companies considering regular corporate video production needs, sometimes the volume of work makes a company think about hiring a full-time video production professional to tackle all of the company’s needs at a fixed yearly rate. Companies may figure that by hiring a video professional…Read More

  2. Hiring Video Production Talent on Job Posting Sites

    One of the ways that many small businesses find contract professionals for their digital marketing needs, including video production, is through aggregator sites like SmartShoot, UpWork, and VideoPixie, among others. The benefits of such an approach are the ability to post a project and its specific…Read More

  3. What to Expect On Corporate Production Shoots

    One of the most stressful days for many marketing professionals is being present on the first corporate video shoot their company has commissioned. With film production not being an ordinary part of most peoples’ jobs, they aren’t sure what to expect, how the process normally goes, and how to ju…Read More

  4. The JLB Media Story

    Most of our blog entries are meant to be shareable and valuable tidbits of wisdom for marketing professionals about corporate video production, but with the holiday season and the new year looming, I decided I would take a bit of time to write about our journey as a leading national video production…Read More

  5. Mistakes to Avoid When Producing Your First Video

    When a company produces their first corporate video, they are understandably nervous about the investment of time and money and the benefits it will bring. To maximize the value not just for branding purposes but to generate leads and increase sales, you must avoid making some common mistakes that c…Read More

  6. Locking Down a Date for Corporate Video Production

    Many clients are initially hesitant to commit to a date for corporate video production, or think that the date set is tentative and could be moved if something comes up at the last minute.Unfortunately, video production is a highly coordinated endeavor, even smaller corporate shoots. Changing dates …Read More

  7. Portland Commercial Shoot for Mr. Formal

    As covered in our previous blog entry, we shot a fun, creative video project for local men’s formalwear rental company Mr. Formal in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, December 7. The goal of the video was to showcase Mr. Formal’s brand in a clever way, drawing attention to how their clothing can ma…Read More

  8. The Best Way to Save Money on Corporate Video Production

    Corporate video production can be expensive, but finding ways to save money doesn’t have to mean cutting corners or losing quality. While many smaller tips are helpful, such as asking numerous companies to bid the project, or providing your own location for filming, the biggest tip of all is to ha…Read More