1. Crafting Corporate Videos Without Dialogue

    Though the vast majority of our work includes interview commentary integrated with B-roll or simply visual elements set to voiceover, another option for corporate videos is letting the visuals tell the story, perhaps with text on screen, and using only music. Of course, such an approach won’t work…Read More

  2. The JLB Media Story

    Most of our blog entries are meant to be shareable and valuable tidbits of wisdom for marketing professionals about corporate video production, but with the holiday season and the new year looming, I decided I would take a bit of time to write about our journey as a leading national video production…Read More

  3. Choosing A Video Production Company

    When you’re in the process of planning corporate video production as part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to know how to select the best long-term fit for your production needs. Though cost is a big consideration for any business, you have to consider the quality of corporate videos y…Read More

  4. Kickstarter Video Production Essentials

    Kickstarter is one of the most exciting crowd-funding options available to burgeoning entrepreneurs today. While the media loves to highlight the myriad success stories from products launched after successful Kickstarter campaigns, the reality is most companies fail to generate enough interest in th…Read More

  5. 10 Tips for Corporate Video Production

    Come up with a general budget range you want to spend. You may not know exactly what to expect, but generally a professional video will range anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000, depending on a variety of factors. More documentary-style filmmaking (interviews with employees and executives, filming at th…Read More

  6. Using Corporate Video Production for SEO

    The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits of corporate video production and marketing videos are widely touted, especially because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, after Google. Of course, Google also owns YouTube, which means many videos appear in search results where r…Read More

  7. Corporate Video SEO Benefits

    Besides being valuable marketing pieces, corporate video production can help boost your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Since video production for marketing purposes is largely about attracting more customers, gaining SEO benefits from your corporate videos is a no-brainer. Let…Read More

  8. What Producers Look for in Videographer Reels and Resumes

    A large part of our success as a national corporate video production company is the ability to find and recognize talent in far away places, without ever meeting the videographer, working with them, or otherwise knowing them. We have built an extensive videographer network in large cities and remote…Read More

  9. Why Do Videographers Cost A Fortune?

    Many clients, when first exploring the world of corporate video marketing, are surprised at the costs involved to create a quality video production. One of the largest expenses, or often the single largest expense, is the videographer. With the greater availability of HD cameras, even quality video …Read More