1. 10 Tips for Great Product Videos

    Understand Your Target Audience: You may have a large potential customer base, or a small one, but focusing on your best, most likely demographic will yield the strongest overall product video production. If you’re selling an anti-aging skincare cream, for instance, it may be valuable to anyone ov…Read More

  2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Video Marketing

    As a die-hard Star Wars fan who has published several non-fiction books on the saga and contributed an essay to a scholarly book examining the franchise, I would be losing an opportunity if I didn’t post a Star Wars blog on Opening Day of a new film. Though seemingly unrelated to corporate video p…Read More

  3. Holiday Video Marketing Ideas

    The holiday shopping season is the biggest revenue period of the year for product retailers. For many companies large and small, a great holiday season makes the year, or a poor one casts doubt on the company’s future and ability to retain customers and build future business. In the past, stores s…Read More