1. Corporate Video Duration and Structuring

    Most people have seen many marketing videos online, whether short commercials or longer product demonstrations, so intuitively most marketing professionals probably have a good idea about video length. At the same time, statistics help inform the proper structure and length of corporate videos using…Read More

  2. Filming During Business Hours

    For most of our clients, filming involves coming to their place of business and gathering B-roll, recording interviews, and showcasing their services or products. For filming videos at corporate offices that don’t have storefronts, filming during business hours usually presents few if any challeng…Read More

  3. The Power of Cool

    When a lot of people think of the word “cool,” they may think it’s an inconsequential word, hardly stirring enough to discuss in a marketing blog. When I think of cool, I think how relevant the word is to almost every consumer product that isn’t a household good or tool. If the cool factor o…Read More

  4. Planning for Inclement Weather

    On corporate video shoots involving outdoor filming, inclement weather is probably one of the biggest annoyances and sometimes cause for downright panic. When you want to showcase a beautiful exterior, but a hail storm happens to have other plans, you need to be able to adapt without ruining the sho…Read More

  5. Online Video Distribution and Video Types For Each Outlet

    One of the most common practices for many companies creating online videos is to commission a single video, then post it everywhere they can imagine from YouTube to the company home page to landing pages to their social media networks. Marketing executives have went through the tough process of figu…Read More

  6. In House Video Production vs. Outsourcing

    For larger companies considering regular corporate video production needs, sometimes the volume of work makes a company think about hiring a full-time video production professional to tackle all of the company’s needs at a fixed yearly rate. Companies may figure that by hiring a video professional…Read More

  7. Using Videos to Reduce Customer Service Inquiries

    Many businesses, both small and large, struggle with managing customer service inquiries in a timely fashion and providing great customer service while maintaining their profit margins. One of the best ways to reduce phone calls or e-mails from frustrated customers is building a knowledge database w…Read More

  8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Video Marketing

    As a die-hard Star Wars fan who has published several non-fiction books on the saga and contributed an essay to a scholarly book examining the franchise, I would be losing an opportunity if I didn’t post a Star Wars blog on Opening Day of a new film. Though seemingly unrelated to corporate video p…Read More

  9. Event Video Production for Trade Shows

    Many companies spend a lot of money to send key employees to trade shows, purchase booth space, print materials to hand out to attendees, and pay for lodging and airfare. Though the hope is for trade shows to provide meaningful leads and industry connections that pay dividends down the road, compani…Read More

  10. 10 Best Corporate Video Production Ideas

    Companies today know that video production is an important part of their digital marketing strategy, but often wonder where to start. Even after producing a video or two, what else can be done to engage your customers or potential customers? Today, let’s take a look at some types of corporate vide…Read More