1. Creating a Software Demo Video

    Reading about the usefulness of a software program is great, but it is just the start of enticing customers to purchase new software. Even giving a free trial of software, which is almost a given in today’s marketplace, fails to address the basic need of showing potential customers the value of yo…Read More

  2. Creating Facebook 360 Videos for Marketing Purposes

    One of the bigger video trends of 2016 — and one of the most fun — is Facebook allowing video postings of 360 videos often created by panoramic photos users generate. For instance, someone can create a 360 video while on a boat in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii and showcase their surroundings…Read More

  3. Backing Up Corporate Video Data

    For companies that produce regular corporate videos, you shouldn’t rely on a video production company to hold onto all of your data. Video production companies can’t afford to keep dozens of terabytes of digital data in multiple secure locations unless they’re charging their clients a premium …Read More

  4. Do I Need 4K Corporate Video Production?

    Without working in video production, many consumers and clients are confused by terms thrown out in the film industry like UHD (Ultra High Definition), 4K, and HD. Because of different standards and even inaccurate labeling, most people aren’t really sure of the difference between each label and w…Read More

  5. What is VR Video?

    One of the new filmmaking tools that has recently caught the attention of marketing agencies, tech savvy consumers, and video buffs is VR video. Technically, VR stands for “virtual reality,” a fact most people know already, but what is VR as it pertains to video? Though the term VR video is now …Read More