One of the top reasons companies jump into training video production is the cost savings they enjoy. When you create a series of training videos, you put the effort into creating each video once, but you’re able to train new and current employees with these videos over and over again. It beats having to hire and pay trainers to teach the same thing to new hires numerous times a year. What’s more, training videos let you standardize operations. Tap into our quality training video production services to create videos that are concise, informative, and effective. As a Los Angeles video production company, we have the experience to help you create videos your employees can engage in and your company can benefit from. Reach out to JLB Media today!

  1. Using Videos to Reduce Customer Service Inquiries

    Many businesses, both small and large, struggle with managing customer service inquiries in a timely fashion and providing great customer service while maintaining their profit margins. One of the best ways to reduce phone calls or e-mails from frustrated customers is building a knowledge database w…Read More