When done correctly, video production efforts can enhance your company image, promote your brand, motivate employees, expand your market reach, and so much more. There is no end to the ways in which video can be used to enhance your marketing and promotional efforts. Whether you’re working on a corporate video, a promovideo, or an entire series of marketing videos, you are creating a means of reaching more viewers and developing more fans for your brand! To have your videos done professionally and have the greatest impact and reach, contact JLB Media. We are a Los Angeles video production company offering a wide range of professional video services to meet the diverse needs of our growing clientele. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today!

  1. Finding an Austin Video Production Company

    When searching for an Austin video production company, marketing professionals may want to consider a company that has filmed all over Texas in almost every city large and small, from car dealerships to senior living communities to airport terminals to logistics facilities, many of them in Austin. A…Read More

  2. Video Production Packages

    When considering your company’s video production needs, eventually the discussion arrives at which package will maximize your value and minimize the cost. Typically, video production companies offer a variety of “set” packages that include the number of hours of filming required, length of the…Read More

  3. Finding a Chicago Production Company

    Searching for a Chicago production company that can provide reasonable video production pricing and videography rates? JLB Media Productions has shot aircraft terminals, commercial office buildings for CBRE, senior apartments, assisted living communities, and worked with major Chicago-based companie…Read More

  4. The Importance of Video Marketing During Coronavirus Lockdown

    In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, thousands of businesses have been required to shutter their brick-and-mortar locations, either reverting to a work-from-home setup or closing up shop completely. Needless to say, it’s a difficult time for many businesses to get the revenue required to pay r…Read More

  5. Crafting Corporate Videos Without Dialogue

    Though the vast majority of our work includes interview commentary integrated with B-roll or simply visual elements set to voiceover, another option for corporate videos is letting the visuals tell the story, perhaps with text on screen, and using only music. Of course, such an approach won’t work…Read More

  6. JLB Media Productions Featured on Clutch!

    The world is moving towards video and JLB Media Productions is the place to go for your production needs. In 2017, it seems we don’t go a day without pulling up a video on our phone or on our computer at night. They capture everyone’s attention and take hold on their emotions. But it isn’t all…Read More

  7. The JLB Media Story

    Most of our blog entries are meant to be shareable and valuable tidbits of wisdom for marketing professionals about corporate video production, but with the holiday season and the new year looming, I decided I would take a bit of time to write about our journey as a leading national video production…Read More

  8. Event Video Production for Trade Shows

    Many companies spend a lot of money to send key employees to trade shows, purchase booth space, print materials to hand out to attendees, and pay for lodging and airfare. Though the hope is for trade shows to provide meaningful leads and industry connections that pay dividends down the road, compani…Read More

  9. Choosing A Video Production Company

    When you’re in the process of planning corporate video production as part of your digital marketing strategy, you need to know how to select the best long-term fit for your production needs. Though cost is a big consideration for any business, you have to consider the quality of corporate videos y…Read More