When done correctly, video production efforts can enhance your company image, promote your brand, motivate employees, expand your market reach, and so much more. There is no end to the ways in which video can be used to enhance your marketing and promotional efforts. Whether you’re working on a corporate video, a promovideo, or an entire series of marketing videos, you are creating a means of reaching more viewers and developing more fans for your brand! To have your videos done professionally and have the greatest impact and reach, contact JLB Media. We are a Los Angeles video production company offering a wide range of professional video services to meet the diverse needs of our growing clientele. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today!

  1. Why Do Videographers Cost A Fortune?

    Many clients, when first exploring the world of corporate video marketing, are surprised at the costs involved to create a quality video production. One of the largest expenses, or often the single largest expense, is the videographer. With the greater availability of HD cameras, even quality video …Read More

  2. Video Request for Proposal Tips

    Crafting a quality request for proposal for corporate video production is an essential element of obtaining accurate quotes from production companies. Many executives have experience creating RFPs, but video production requires a special set of considerations that may not come to mind immediately. T…Read More

  3. Video Production Company Needed

    You’ve decided you need a video production company to meet your company’s marketing goals, which is a fantastic step in the right direction. It means you’ve considered and understood the importance of video production in your company’s overall digital strategy. One of the first steps for a c…Read More

  4. What To Look for In Video Production Contracts

    Once you’ve decided upon a production company with which to partner for your video needs, reviewing the contract is one of the most important elements of the process. Unexpected surprises or details can cause a lot of problems later, so make sure to review the language carefully. Corporate video p…Read More

  5. Video Ad Spending

    Many marketing professionals know they need video as part of their marketing plans, but they don’t always know how best to use it. We try to make video production a straight-forward and simple process for our clients, but companies still spend a lot of time and consideration in planning their vide…Read More

  6. Backing Up Corporate Video Data

    For companies that produce regular corporate videos, you shouldn’t rely on a video production company to hold onto all of your data. Video production companies can’t afford to keep dozens of terabytes of digital data in multiple secure locations unless they’re charging their clients a premium …Read More

  7. Making Clients Happy Now and Later

    One of the biggest challenges of corporate video production is having many potential people to please. On the smallest shoots, for instance for a dental office, maybe you just have to please one person. For most corporate work, though, numerous people are involved in the project and have ideas about…Read More

  8. Do I Need 4K Corporate Video Production?

    Without working in video production, many consumers and clients are confused by terms thrown out in the film industry like UHD (Ultra High Definition), 4K, and HD. Because of different standards and even inaccurate labeling, most people aren’t really sure of the difference between each label and w…Read More

  9. Using Video Case Studies to Boost Product Sales

    Case studies have long been a favorite marketing tool for businesses in building trust in their brand and increasing sales to new customers. Whether selling a product to consumers or businesses, video case studies provide a great way to demonstrate the benefits of your product quickly and in a tangi…Read More