Corporate Video Production in Chicago, IL

Video marketing is on the rise. Taking advantage of high-quality production techniques and leaning into video can result in a large ROI for corporations that do it correctly. If you’re searching for a corporate video production company in Chicago, IL, look no further than JLB Media Productions.

At JLB Media Productions, we’re dedicated to creating compelling video products that will boost your company’s online presence, improve your SEO, and secure client and customer trust. We’ve been working with brands to enhance their video for more than a decade, and we’re committed to meeting each client’s individual needs.

Here’s why your Chicago-based business should work with our video production company:


Video shoots in all 50 states without major travel costs.


Customized video packages to meet most budget requirements.


Can accommodate large volume content needs.


Live-action, motion graphics, and animation.

Marketing Video Production

Video can be a powerful method of marketing your brand, whether you’re hoping to appeal to customers with short, entertaining snippets or longer, more informative pieces. Our experts at JLB Media Productions can help you decide which marketing strategy would be best for your company — and develop content that sees your vision through to fruition.

Training Video Production

Marketing isn’t the only use corporations have for high-quality video. At JLB Media Productions, we offer training video production to help create employee resources that will greatly reduce the time your managers spend onboarding new staff. When you’re welcoming newcomers, you want to convey your brand’s message and values clearly and memorably. Video is often the best way to achieve your onboarding goals and our company is adept at creating the perfect content.

To learn more about the services offered by our commercial video production company in Chicago, IL, contact JLB Media Productions today.