Why JLB Media Productions?

With more than 8 years of experience, JLB Media Productions has shot nearly 700 videos nationwide. We produce virtual tours, product videos, case studies, company profiles and explainer videos, training videos, animated videos, event videos, and all other types of corporate video productions required by our clients. One of the overriding principles of our company is great customer service. We are always available to provide creative and technical guidance, help you understand the process, and manage each project from idea to delivery. Though JLB Media Productions is a national video production company, our staff is split between Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California. Our company founder and creative director Jonathan L. Bowen is a native Oregonian and resides in Beaverton.

Portland Company Profile Videos

One of the most common types of video that companies request is a company profile or overview video introducing potential customers to their services and offerings. Company explainer videos have several driving goals: 1) Explain what your company does, 2) Explain why your company is better than or different from your competition, and 3) Establish trust with the viewer. In many cases, you want the video to end with some sort of call to action. What do you want the viewer to do next? As a versatile corporate video production company serving Oregon and beyond, we have had the opportunity to produce a variety of company profile videos for clients in the Portland area. Below are a few examples to give you an idea of what we can do.

Passport Online – Travel Agency Marketing Company Overview

Portland Pearl Orthodontics

Car Dealership Overview Video

Northwest Mobile Medical Services Video

Portland Apartment Video Tours

Several apartment complexes in the Portland area commissioned simple video tours of their properties and wanted us to showcase their amenities, floor plans, and locations. We took a different approach for each one to target different demographics and renter profiles. In the case of 735 St. Clair, our media production teams emphasized the amazing location in Northwest Portland with access to the city at your doorstep. We also wanted to feature the updated lobby, new finishes in many apartment units, and stellar views from the high-rise apartment. For Sunset Summit, the focus was on peace and tranquility with beautiful sunset views and a nice collection of amenities, from a racquetball court and a gym to a clubhouse and the apartment complex’s close proximity to downtown.

735 St. Clair Apartment Tour Video with Voiceover

Sunset Summit Apartment Tour Video with Voiceover

Portland Senior Living Videos

Senior living tour videos are a different type of corporate video production from apartment tours because the emphasis is much less on the property than on the feeling of community and a caring staff. Having filmed hundreds of senior living videos nationwide for many of the biggest companies, we are the national leaders in senior living video production services. In the Portland metro area (including Vancouver, WA) and Oregon as a whole, we have filmed for BPM Senior Living, Integral Senior Living, Senior Lifestyle Corporation, and Pacifica Senior Living. The two example videos displayed are from the Portland area specifically and highlight the quality of care, sense of community, and abundant activities available at two BPM communities.

Regency Park Senior Living Tour Video

Royalton Place Senior Living Tour Video

Client Testimonials

  • “It is a rare and unique opportunity to work with such quality, professionalism and personality … you and your outstanding team surpassed and exceeded our lofty expectations! During the months in which you guided us through the design, production and completion of our new Website virtual tours, you and your team truly made this a seamless and almost effortless project with miraculous results. Since going live, our senior living communities have seen a remarkable increased number of Website traffic and inquiries – well above and beyond what we had expected! The feedback has been exceptional to say the least and our Website is now noted as one of the top senior housing sites currently on the Internet. On a final note, something unusual and unheard of has also occurred as a result of our virtual tours – many of our clients that have made a reservation to move a loved one into our communities solely based on viewing our Website virtual tour!” — Dennis P. Parfitt, President & COO BPM Senior Living Company
  • “I worked with JLB to produce a video for The Hello Clinic, a speech-language and occupational therapy private practice. They were lovely to deal with throughout the process and provided excellent guidance for us (a group of people who had no idea what we were doing). We are quite happy with our finished product, have received excellent feedback, and would happily work with the entire JLB team again in the future.” — Kelly Bawden, The Hello Clinic
  • “The quality of work that we’ve received from JLB has just been awesome. From the planning of the shoots to the editing and the timeliness with which we receive our first proofs and we have fun! And we get a great product that everyone at my company is 100% satisfied with. So I absolutely would recommend JLB!” — Kristen Kohler, Marketing Manager Integral Senior Living


The vast majority of our videos fall within the $3,000 to $6,000 budget range as we strive to provide small business friendly rates and strike a balance between creativity and keeping budgets under control. We pride ourselves on being a video agency that understands business and provides great customer service to our clients. We are experts in digital marketing and video marketing and understand the benefits of video production as well as the place it holds within a greater marketing plan. Simple tour videos with voiceover, like the apartment tours shown, are at the lower end of the budget range. The senior living tours fall more in the middle of the range because of the interviews and need for a full production day. Company profile videos range from the lower end for a small office (Portland Pearl Orthodontics) to more expensive productions, like Passport Online, where greater editing needs come into play along with a longer shoot day.

National Video Production

Aside from our presence in Portland, we work with more than 100 videographers nationwide and have shot in 40 U.S. states, including 93 of the top 100 U.S. metro areas. We grew our company to provide nationwide service because many businesses operate in numerous states, therefore they have video production needs in many cities. Rather than wasting company time and resources to find many different production companies and hope to attain the same quality for each video, we wanted our clients to be able to find a one-stop video production company. Because of our network, we don’t have significant travel costs and fees. When our clients choose a video package that makes sense for their budget, we are able to replicate the same results in any U.S. market at the same price. Our in-house editing staff standardizes the finished projects so that videos shot anywhere still appear consistent in quality and feel.

Creative Portland Videos

Of course, creative filmmakers like to create a variety of work even outside of the corporate realm. Our creative director has written and directed a multiple award-winning feature film, Amy Alyson Fans, that put him in the Director’s Guild of America and is available on iTunes. In his spare time, Bowen likes to create narrative and artistic work when time and money allows. In 2013, he filmed his first short film in the Portland area, The Phoenix Project, which featured many actors who have appeared on NBC’s local TV show Grimm along with crew members who work on the show. He also created a showcase video for the city of Portland that involved 10 partial days of filming across the state of Oregon with an emphasis on Portland. The video showcases our great city and many of the features of living here in the Pacific Northwest.

Portland Tour Video

The Phoenix Project Narrative Short Film

Video Production Help and Tips

Many marketing professionals who first start to consider video production are still looking for information and resources and aren’t yet in the decision-making phase. We understand! One of our ongoing goals as a company is to provide more helpful resources for marketing professionals in all phases of the consideration process. Even if you’re just trying to learn more about how to budget properly or what goes into a video production or how you can use videos as part of your marketing efforts, we are here to help. Below are some helpful blog entries, though our blog is also updated regularly and we’re always available by phone or e-mail to help with your questions.

Also, check out our free white paper download that has an extensive amount of detail about the video production process, statistics on how video marketing can help your conversion rates and branding, and of course best practices for video distribution and marketing strategies.

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