1. Do I Need 4K Corporate Video Production?

    Without working in video production, many consumers and clients are confused by terms thrown out in the film industry like UHD (Ultra High Definition), 4K, and HD. Because of different standards and even inaccurate labeling, most people aren’t really sure of the difference between each label and w…Read More

  2. Using Video Case Studies to Boost Product Sales

    Case studies have long been a favorite marketing tool for businesses in building trust in their brand and increasing sales to new customers. Whether selling a product to consumers or businesses, video case studies provide a great way to demonstrate the benefits of your product quickly and in a tangi…Read More

  3. Video Production for Dental Offices and Orthodontists

    Each corporate video production has its own goals and challenges, but as a general guideline videos for individual business locations should focus on similar marketing goals no matter the industry: 1) What differentiates the business from other local businesses? 2) What philosophy or approach guides…Read More

  4. Video Production Company Versus Video Agency

    On the hierarchy of companies that create videos, the order usually starts at the top with marketing agencies, then production companies, and finally one-man-band type of operations. In the latter example, one person shoots the video, edits it, and manages all elements of creation themselves. Unders…Read More

  5. Corporate Video Production on a Budget

    As with most video production companies, we have common inquiries from startup companies or individuals who want to create nice videos for tiny budgets. Many times, we have to turn away the smallest potential clients because we cannot do justice to their video for the funds they have, but we always …Read More

  6. Green Screen or White Screen in Corporate Video Production

    Several of our clients have asked about shooting a spokesperson against a white screen or a green screen, but many people aren’t really sure which one they want or for what reasons. Numerous Web videos, especially informational ones, are filmed against white backgrounds not only for the simplicity…Read More

  7. Why Marketing Agency Video Productions Cost a Fortune

    Many large companies use marketing agencies for their creative work, despite having their own marketing departments, but video production through a marketing agency costs a fortune in general. Not only are agencies leasing expensive offices and carrying dozens or hundreds of employees, but most high…Read More

  8. What is VR Video?

    One of the new filmmaking tools that has recently caught the attention of marketing agencies, tech savvy consumers, and video buffs is VR video. Technically, VR stands for “virtual reality,” a fact most people know already, but what is VR as it pertains to video? Though the term VR video is now …Read More

  9. Refreshing an Old Video or Filming a New One

    Years ago, your company commissioned a great video, but enough has changed about your company or about the product or service in question that you know you need to update the video or redo it completely. Reasons for redoing a video differ, but often are necessary because of remodels, new employee hi…Read More