1. The Importance of Telling Your Business Story

      There seems to be a lot of talk about the importance of branding, but little substance about what comprises a brand. Ultimately, perceptions define a brand. Essentially an extension of the human dynamic of relationships, branding is about feelings, trust and respect. Telling the story of your…Read More

  2. If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, What is a Video Worth?

    If a 30-second commercial is rendered at 30 frames per second, then based on the unscientific assessment that a picture is "worth a thousand words," the commercial would be worth almost a million words! What is it that makes video such a valuable tool for communication, and why is it that it has suc…Read More

  3. 8 Ways to Use Video Effectively on Your Website

    You have probably heard that video is how to differentiate your website and establish a brand, but have you thought about where and how to use it? The beauty of using video on your website is that it is incredibly flexible and customizable. There are few rules. Unlike television, you do not have to …Read More

  4. DSLR Video Production: Cinematic Quality On a Budget

    One of the biggest movements towards even better looking low-budget video production has been the incredible success of DSLR cameras in creating cinematic, crystal clear HD pictures for a fraction of the cost of high-end HD video cameras. Canon took the lead in DSLR video production with the revolut…Read More

  5. New Look, New Reel, and New Website for 2013

    Since I first started JLB Media Productions, I wanted to have a great Website to elevate the company’s online presence and showcase the great work that we do for our clients, but I also wanted to have a site that I could easily update through an integrated content management system (CMS). Partneri…Read More