1. Anatomy of the Creative Process: Commercial Production, Part 2

    Once the script for a commercial is approved, pre-production can begin in earnest, which involves hiring the right crew for the project, securing locations, auditioning talent, and figuring out equipment needs. On a small commercial production where budget is a concern, we don’t have the resources…Read More

  2. Anatomy of the Creative Process: Commercial Production, Part 1

    One of the perpetual constants of film production is an immense amount of time expended for even the smallest finished videos. With most jobs, people can’t just take a few minutes and see “what you’ve been up to” for the past few weeks or months, but with film production your time is on disp…Read More

  3. Music for Corporate Video Productions

    The choice of music for a corporate video is very important to the overall feeling and mood of the video, which is critical to the impression the whole video gives viewers. Imagine a video for a relaxing upscale spa, but with hard rock playing during the duration of the video. The whole video would …Read More

  4. Corporate Video Production Checks and Balances

    Much like effective governments, the best corporate video production succeeds on a system of checks and balances. A single contractor who speaks to a client, plans the shoot, shoots the video, and edits the finished result could do a fantastic job, just like a president could make all of the right d…Read More

  5. Online Video Distribution and Video Types For Each Outlet

    One of the most common practices for many companies creating online videos is to commission a single video, then post it everywhere they can imagine from YouTube to the company home page to landing pages to their social media networks. Marketing executives have went through the tough process of figu…Read More

  6. Cinematography Styles for Corporate Work

    In filmmaking, numerous decisions fall to the director and cinematographer when deciding upon the look of the image. Whether they’re discussing lens selection, color saturation, lighting preferences, or camera rigs, each gear decision and technical decision has an impact on the overall artistic di…Read More

  7. Commercial Television Production Costs

    While the cost of commercial television production is widely known to advertising agencies and production companies, most outside marketing professionals, especially for small to mid-sized businesses, have very little idea about the costs involved. As with any advertising, the range is enormous betw…Read More

  8. JLB Media Productions Featured on Clutch!

    The world is moving towards video and JLB Media Productions is the place to go for your production needs. In 2017, it seems we don’t go a day without pulling up a video on our phone or on our computer at night. They capture everyone’s attention and take hold on their emotions. But it isn’t all…Read More

  9. Corporate Video Lessons from Super Bowl Commercials (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of our blog article on Super Bowl advertising and lessons to learn from the biggest agency commercials of the year, we looked at some of the weakest links and the reasons why some commercials just don’t connect with viewers. Whether the subject of the commercial or the product itself isn…Read More

  10. Corporate Video Lessons from Super Bowl Commercials (Part 1)

    The price for 30-second spots during Super Bowl LI passed $5 million in 2017, an incredible sum of money for just a single commercial airing. Still, the Super Bowl reaches more consumers than any other television broadcast on an annual basis by far, with the latest contest drawing 111.3 million view…Read More