Sarasota, FL – Corporate Videos

JLB Media Productions is a national provider of video production services, ranging from Web video creation like virtual tour videos and company profiles to commercial and corporate video production.

We work with local videographers throughout the United States and have a great network of filmmakers, including a Sarasota corporate video production team. We have shot dozens of videos across Florida. There are no travel costs involved in working with us, so your budget needs can be met by a company that prides itself on quality, customer service, and professionalism. We have an in-house editor who oversees each project, with client input, and our dedicated project management team makes sure your marketing goals are met.

As one of the larger areas in Florida, Sarasota is home to many great businesses including senior living communities that cater to the state’s elderly residents. We have had the opportunity to film for both Brookdale Senior Living and Senior Lifestyle in Sarasota and are confident in having a great video production team in place for our clients. Whether your business needs an affordable Web video or a major video marketing campaign, we can handle all of your needs. We pride ourselves not just on being able to serve Sarasota, but to handle video productions nationwide with our talented professionals in almost every part of the country.

Take a look at some of the videos we have shot in the Sarasota County, Florida area below and please contact us!

Heron East – Testimonial Video & Virtual Tour

Heart of Caring – Employee Service Award Video