Video Production

Our primary specialty is producing high quality custom video productions tailored to our clients’ needs based on our superior customer service and video production experience. We evaluate our clients’ marketing goals and come up with the ideal package to provide a quality video at a reasonable rate to maximize the effectiveness of marketing dollars. We are able to meet the needs of a wide variety of companies because we can customize each production to meet the budgets of each client. We work with a national network of videographers to provide great, affordable videos and provide nationwide coverage for our larger clients.


Many of our clients find that professional voiceover, when used effectively, adds production value and information to their videos. Whether its used between interview footage, as an introduction, or a stinger at the end of the video, voiceover can be a cost-effective way to elevate a video’s quality and effectiveness. We have connections with numerous voiceover artists of different varieties so that we can best meet your needs. Whether you want serious and professional or flirty and fun, we can find just the right talent to enhance your video production.


We have an in-house editor who handles all of our projects and has extensive experience with many types of projects, workflows, video formats, and most importantly has a creative eye for taking footage and making great finished videos. We work closely with clients throughout the editing process to make sure they feel involved and that their input is always welcomed.


While we are primarily a video company, many of our clients like us to shoot photos alongside their videos, taking advantage of the preparation that goes into readying their businesses for a film shoot. Videos enhance a company’s Website and general marketing greatly, but quality photos are a necessity as well. We not only find photographers and tap into our existing network, but also provide post-photo services on all photo shoots so that the final quality of the pictures is as pristine and professional as possible.

Motion Graphics

Many of our clients want an additional touch on their videos that goes beyond simple text and graphics to sophisticated motion graphics, especially for company logos. We work with talented motion graphics artists with years of experience to deliver the finishing touches that provide additional polish to already great videos. Motion graphics can also be used effectively throughout a video to convey statistics in a lively manner, or to give extra visual flair to video shots. Motion graphics, when used properly and planned well, can be affordable and effective as part of a great marketing video.

DVD Mastering

Aside from creating a finished video, we can manage the process from completion to distribution if you intend to distribute DVD promos or otherwise want to have physical media available for customers and potential clients. When you let JLB Media Productions take the lead, the process is simple and the results are professional.

Our Process

[ultimate_modal icon_type=”custom” modal_on=”image” btn_img=”2130″ modal_>goals-needs
The first step in our process is to learn more about your marketing goals and your company, not only concerning what you want out of a video production, but how the final video will be used as part of your marketing collateral. We pride ourselves on helping our clients save money by learning what they need for a great video versus superfluous additions that will not benefit the bottom line. Because we are not a one-man band company, each person in the process brings to the project their own expertise and specialized knowledge. Our Director of Sales and Marketing, Ivy Johnson, has many years of experience assisting clients with their marketing goals, so the first step for JLB Media Productions is to see how video production can augment your existing marketing initiatives.[/ultimate_modal]

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Based on our extensive filmmaking knowledge, we put together checklists, documents, and other information to assist our clients with preparing for their shoots. Detailed and thorough planning is the key to a great video and makes the production itself much smoother and more time-efficient, saving money and assuring a better end result. We work with our clients to put together accurate schedules for each production, based on our knowledge of the filmmaking process, so that our videographer and other cast or crew members can allocate their time appropriately.[/ultimate_modal]

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Where necessary, we work with our clients in developing a script for their projects, which involves not just understanding the client’s business and marketing needs, but also putting them into a context that works for the finished video. Our team has extensive experience in script development and writing on a variety of projects. Bowen, our company’s president and project management head, has written feature film scripts, short film scripts, and commercial / corporate scripts in a variety of areas and styles. We pride ourselves on being able to help develop a great script that works for your project.[/ultimate_modal]

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We send the best qualified videographers that we can find for your budget, always with HD cameras and plenty of experience shooting a variety of projects. We are able to fully crew a project when budgets allow with talented people at every position. Our shooters are industry professionals who make a living from their skills, not only technically but artistically. We pride ourselves on having a great network of filmmakers nationwide able to handle your project with the quality and professionalism that you should demand out of a production company.[/ultimate_modal]

[ultimate_modal icon_type=”custom” modal_on=”image” btn_img=”2131″ modal_>post-production-editing
In keeping with our corporate philosophy of specialization, we have a dedicated staff editor who is in charge of editing or overseeing the editing of each project. The best way to assure standardized quality across a variety of projects shot nationwide is to have a talented, creative editor who can take the pieces of a project and put them together into an effective marketing video that flows smoothly and logically. Having our editing done in a central location rather than by one-man-band types throughout the country allows us more control of the finished product and a better way to meet our clients’ expectations of quality.[/ultimate_modal]

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During the editing process, we ask for our clients’ feedback and provide rough edits that guide us to a finished project that matches with our clients’ goals. Throughout the process, we want to provide the best possible customer service, not only by giving our clients advice based on our experience as a production company, but listening to their needs and preferences for the finished project. Through our revisions process, we tailor each video to our clients’ preferences.[/ultimate_modal]

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During the mastering process, we make sure that the final specifications for the video meet with the desired delivery format. For instance, if we are delivering a television commercial to a local cable network, we make sure that the video specs match with what they are looking to play. In other cases, we have to adjust the aspect ratio of a video to fit into a company’s Website video player. Whether it’s video size, format, aspect ratio, or any other technical issue that needs solving, we will make sure to handle the details and save you any headaches.[/ultimate_modal]

[ultimate_modal icon_type=”custom” modal_on=”image” btn_img=”2134″ modal_>project-delivery
We can deliver a final project in a variety of formats and even create DVDs for our clients, if necessary. Beyond project delivery, we keep your project safe on several high quality RAID units that protect against data loss so that if you need us to re-edit the project in the future, we can pull it off company drives easily. We make a best-faith effort to keep your projects for as many years as possible and invest actively in data protection and backup.[/ultimate_modal]