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Why Videos for Technology Companies?

While video production is important to companies in all fields, technology companies often have the highest demand for quality video productions, partially because of their customers’ expectations of a certain level of flashiness or a “cool” factor in introducing new products. Video also is an excellent medium for explaining how a technology product fits into the lives of its target audience, whether it is for business use or personal use. Not only do technology videos allow for showcasing great features and comparing or contrasting the product to rival offerings, but video also allows a company a more exciting way to feature its products without a wall of text on a Website; it is a more engaging medium.

Technology Video Examples

CES Trade Show in Las Vegas

Skava Technology Video Overview

Software Demo & Promo

IOGear Imperial White Series Product Overview

Why JLB Media Productions?

Whether the budget is small and depends more on graphics, voiceover, and skilled editing or whether there’s a more substantial budget for filming, crew, actors, and scripting, we feel confident in our ability to deliver professional, informative videos to our clients that make for engaging marketing materials that help drive sales. We pride ourselves on creative editing and motion graphics use to maximize the effectiveness of video as a marketing tool. Our creative stuff understands not just the technical aspects of production and how to make creative videos, but also the value of videos as a part of a greater marketing strategy. As a business-to-business company, we make understanding your business our first goal so that we can understand how to craft each video for maximum marketing impact to drive sales and increase conversions.

Client Testimonials

  • “I’ve worked with JLB Media on many projects and we continue to use them because of their professionalism, project management and work quality. Regardless of time restraints they always meet deadlines.” – Bryan Slayman, EnGenius
  • “Our company – SOSI – Surgical Operational Services, Inc. was looking to develop a training program for our staff to include a course, video and exam for each of our competencies that we must test our staff on every year. I wrote the course and exams for each of the competencies but wanted to have a professional looking video for the competencies. I interviewed numerous companies and decided on JLB Media. We were very impressed with their professionalism and received an excellent product. I am sure if further videos are needed we will again use this company. They delivered very professional videos in a timely manner. They worked with us in every phase to ensure we were happy with the outcome.” – Robin, SOSI

National Video Production Company

Though our staff is based in Portland and Los Angeles, we work with talented, creative videographers in markets throughout the United States as a national provider of corporate video services. EnGenius has relied on our national reach to produce product case study videos in myriad locations, which also allows us to offer the same package pricing no matter the market. All video planning is overseen by our creative team and all final editing by our in-house editing staff. We have shot in 93 of the top 100 U.S. metro areas and 40 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia in our 8+ years in business, during which time we’ve shot nearly 700 videos.

Our network of more than 100 creative videographers nationwide with whom we’ve worked previously allows us to produce videos for our clients anywhere in the country and offer the same package pricing regardless of market.


Most of our videos run 2-5 minutes in length and cost between $3,000 and $6,000, so we are able to work with a range of budgets. High end custom videos can be more expensive, but the vast majority of our videos are in the standard range. We are always wanting to work with our clients and their budgets to find what makes sense and what we can do for them.

Video Production Help and Tips

If your company is considering video production to add to its marketing collateral, but you’re still in the research and understanding phase, we want to help! If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask. In the meantime, we have assembled some useful blog entries below to guide your journey:

Also, please check out our free white paper download on the entire video production process from concept to creation and how you can use your video collateral effectively in marketing efforts.