Though custom motion graphics work is often very expensive because it’s also time-consuming, motion graphics templates can be used effectively and inexpensively. They work either as part of a video or as the template for a complete video by themselves. Combined with voiceover, a semi-custom template can provide companies with an alternative to staging a full production and thus save significant costs.

Many companies are producing whiteboard animation videos or explainer videos without ever having to cast actors, feature employees, or pay for production crews. Though they’re not the right solution for every video, motion graphics or animated elements can enhance many professional productions. We’ve had companies just want their logos animated, or have some kinetic text added, and we’ve had clients want a completely animated video, like the one featured atop the page for OneWorldSIS.

Many clients want motion graphics to add extra production value to their videos, while others want motion graphics sequences to emphasize a complex idea or explain a product or service. We work with a number of highly skilled professionals to meet our clients’ needs and also have our own in-house editing staff.

Videos with motion draw much more attention than a simple slide-show presentation ever could! Adding any level of motion graphics already ups your video to a higher level with potentially greater reach and more people learning about your brand. Without going overboard on your budget, you can add motion graphics and animation to your corporate videos, promotional videos, marketing videos, and more. Animated explainer videos can be as entertaining as they are educational! Reach out to our Los Angeles-based video production company for motion graphics services that will help your videos stand out above the rest; contact JLB Media today to get the conversation started.