1. Five Acclaimed Super Bowl Commercials

    Today, we’re taking a look at five extremely successful commercials that all won their Super Bowls, according to USA Today’s Ad Meter rankings of the best spots from each respective year. The five spots, from the past five years excluding 2017 (discussed elsewhere here), offer a mix of concepts …Read More

  2. Anatomy of the Creative Process: Commercial Production, Part 2

    Once the script for a commercial is approved, pre-production can begin in earnest, which involves hiring the right crew for the project, securing locations, auditioning talent, and figuring out equipment needs. On a small commercial production where budget is a concern, we don’t have the resources…Read More

  3. JLB Media Contest Video Shoot / Portland Commercial Production

    During the summer, we ran a contest giving away a free corporate video with a value of $10,000. As with most companies running marketing contests, we had several goals for the project and the contest. First, we wanted to generate survey results that we could use for publishing our own data about a f…Read More