In addition to corporate videos, JLB Media Productions can also produce high end commercials at a fraction of the price of the average national TV commercial. With the average TV commercial running several hundred thousand dollars, the typical process is to hire a marketing agency, which comes up with the creative ideas, then hires a large production company to execute the chosen idea, which then hires a well paid DGA (union) director. With our model, we serve as both the creative force in collaboration with the client and the production company, but without cutting corners on quality. In the traditional TV commercial model, the agency, the production company, and the director all pocket large fees for their services, meaning a lot of the client’s money doesn’t end up on screen. Our creative director and company owner is also a DGA member as well as a writer, we collaborate with a professional storyboard artist to approve and refine the concept, and we hire talented crew members to execute the idea. We can produce a high quality commercial in the range of $30,000 to $50,000, depending on the concept, whereas the DGA definition of a low budget commercial is $225,000 or less, with many commercials running even more.