5 Ways Technology Companies Need to Leverage Video Production

If you’re a marketer or an executive at a technology company, you need to know that leveraging your video production efforts is in your company’s best interest. Here are five effective ways to accomplish this.

Product Demo

Your company will benefit from videos that showcase your products and services. If you offer a complex product with features the end-user may not be aware of, a product demo video is a must. You can convey a great deal of information quickly and clearly through a visual demo.

With a product demo, you can accomplish the following:

  • Highlight features that make your product stand out;
  • Show how your product is better than what competitors offer;
  • Generate excitement for your brand;
  • Instruct the user on how to use a specific product; and
  • Offer solutions so viewers can see why they need your products.

Your demo video is your chance to sell your product by highlighting the best features and providing enough technical info without overwhelming the viewer. It lets viewers understand why they need this, and how to get started. In other words, it’s the perfect launching point for anyone interested in your product.

Product Promo

A product promo builds buzz about your brand. When done right, this video is a game changer, and here’s why:

  • It’s designed to reach viewers at an emotional level;
  • The promo highlights key benefits; and
  • It shows how life can be better with the solutions you offer.

While a product demo feeds the intellect by offering the specifics that your product users crave, the promo video is responsible for conversions by influencing emotions. It’s your sales pitch delivered in a polished, professional video production.

Installation Videos

Once your customers have your product in hand, what do they do? They’ll need your help to install and use your product. Your installation videos show customers what to do step by step. These incredibly valuable videos accomplish the following:

  • Reduce the number of customer service calls that come into your business;
  • Save you money, since you won’t need to hire as many customer service reps;
  • Enhance your brand;
  • Build customer loyalty; and
  • Show your customers that you genuinely care about their user experience.

Customer Case Study Videos

How are other customers using your product? What success have they achieved through your offerings? Use a customer case study video to let the world know how customers have already benefited from your brand. Through this type of video production, you can:

  • Demonstrate how others successfully create solutions using your product or services;
  • Take case studies out of the tired PDF format and bring them to life;
  • Share testimonials from satisfied customers; and
  • Show your expertise in industries and verticals you want to expand into.

Trade Show Video Coverage

Finally, you’ll want to create marketing videos that cover your trade show experiences. These videos serve to showcase your product in a different light, combining demos and testimonials and bringing the trade show sense of excitement directly to the viewer. This video coverage can do the following for you:

  • Showcase quick interviews with customers attending the trade show;
  • Increase credibility for your product by showing what people in the industry think about it;
  • Show off your booth, short demos, or presentation highlights; and
  • Encourage customers to look for you at your next event.

A trade show provides the perfect opportunity for capturing quick testimonials from many of your satisfied customers.

What JLB Media Productions Can Do for You

As you can see, there are several key types of videos your technical company should be creating to market your brand and promote your individual products. JLB Media has plenty of experience helping clients nationwide with their corporate video production projects. We have the expertise and an extensive network of professional contacts across the United States to help you with your videos, wherever you are located.