Motion Graphics & Animation


Motion Graphics & Animation

Though custom motion graphics work is often very expensive because it’s also time-consuming, motion graphics templates can be used effectively and inexpensively. They work either as part of a video or as the template for a complete video by themselves. Combined with voiceover, a semi-custom template can provide companies with an alternative to staging a full production and thus save significant costs.

Many companies are producing whiteboard animation videos or explainer videos without ever having to cast actors, feature employees, or pay for production crews. Though they’re not the right solution for every video, motion graphics or animated elements can enhance many professional productions. We’ve had companies just want their logos animated, or have some kinetic text added, and we’ve had clients want a completely animated video, like the one featured atop the page for OneWorldSIS.

Many clients want motion graphics to add extra production value to their videos, while others want motion graphics sequences to emphasize a complex idea or explain a product or service. We work with a number of highly skilled professionals to meet our clients’ needs and also have our own in-house editing staff.

Videos with motion draw much more attention than a simple slide-show presentation ever could! Adding any level of motion graphics already ups your video to a higher level with potentially greater reach and more people learning about your brand. Without going overboard on your budget, you can add motion graphics and animation to your corporate videos, promotional videos, marketing videos, and more. Animated explainer videos can be as entertaining as they are educational! Reach out to our Los Angeles-based video production company for motion graphics services that will help your videos stand out above the rest; contact JLB Media today to get the conversation started.

Besides our motion graphics work, we also are able to complete whiteboard animation projects, which is a process where some type of narrative, whether a product, service, or story, is animated on a whiteboard to convey ideas in a fun, creative way. UPS, for instance, has used whiteboard animation extensively in their advertising campaigns. We also are able to do screen capture videos, which are great for software companies to demonstrate how their products work, or for companies to demonstrate how to use a Website, for instance. Any type of animated project that our clients may need, whether it’s light animation in a larger video, or a fully animated video, is welcomed and met with our high quality customer service and attention to detail.

Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say about our video production services

We were very impressed with their professionalism and received an excellent product...

Our company – SOSI – Surgical Operational Services, Inc. was looking to develop a training program for our staff to include a course, video and exam for each of our competencies that we must test our staff on every year. I wrote the course and exams for each of the competencies but wanted to have a professional looking video for the competencies. I interviewed numerous companies and decided on JLB Media. We were very impressed with their professionalism and received an excellent product. I am sure if further videos are needed we will again use this company. They delivered very professional videos in a timely manner. They worked with us in every phase to ensure we were happy with the outcome.

– Robin, SOSI

We look forward to working with JLB on future projects...

JLB produced a sales associate video tutorial for our company. We chose JLB based on their experience in this area. They did an excellent job throughout the process -–pre-production, filming, post including finishing touches that resulted in a high quality training tool. JLB suggested creative additions that make the video very engaging to the target audience. The final product represents RSI Home Products objectives and is functioning as an excellent training tool. We were impressed with their expertise and execution–we look forward to working with JLB on future projects.

– Mona Salama and Karen Purcell, Marketing Specialists RSI Home Products

I am confident you will be very satisfied with JLB Media...

I strongly recommend JLB Media for your video production services. The team at JLB does an excellent job of delivering a quality product at an excellent value. Most importantly JLB understands the value in relationships and thus delivers excellent customer service throughout the process. I am confident you will be very satisfied with JLB Media’s video production services.

– Adam Kaplan, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing

Affordable Pricing

Pricing for whiteboard explainer videos, animated videos, and motion graphics videos depends greatly on the degree of customization, length of the video, and complexity required. Most of our videos fall within a standard $3,000 to $7,000 price range, though, and most whiteboard animation videos and template-based motion graphics videos will fall at the lower end of the price range. We take care of the entire process from producing the animated content to hiring a voiceover artist (including providing selections to you for your approval) to purchasing music rights and editing the elements together into a final video.

We can also help with concept creation, scripting services, and any other video production needs you may have to go along with your motion graphics or animated project.

Video Production Tips

If you’re in the beginning stages of researching corporate video production, download our white paper to learn about the process, marketing benefits, and deployment. Also feel free to browse our blog, where we provide tips for marketing professionals about corporate video production and general video marketing. Our white paper download, Essential Guide to Video Production & Video Marketing, gives you advice about:

  • Proven Statistics on Video Marketing Success.
  • Choosing the Right Type of Video for Your Marketing Goals.
  • Ways to Use and Promote Your Brand through Video Marketing.
  • Corporate Video Production Tips and Guidelines, from Pre-Production through Post.
  • Maximize ROI on Corporate Videos as Part of Your Larger Marketing Goals.

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