Training Video Production


Training Video Production

Training videos are a great way to standardize operations and cut costs by producing a video or a series of employee training videos that reduce the time required for a supervisor to train each employee individually. For companies with operations in many cities across numerous states, training employees can be difficult, especially when each location may train employees slightly different from a manual. Quality training video production allows for employees to obtain information and learn procedures in a much faster, more interesting way than dry manuals and printed text. Whether a company wants a customer service training video, a security training video, a food services training video, or any other type of video to educate employees and maintain quality standards, we are able to meet the task.

We pride ourselves on being able to tailor each training video production to the client’s needs from simple and straight-forward to logistically complicated productions. With our award-winning creative team, we can help with script advice and casting decisions that give your training videos the right feel and tone. For longer training videos, injecting some humor and wit into the proceedings is a way to punch up the material and make it more accessible to employees.

For BPM Senior Living, we took a basic script of what needed covering for a food services training video, then rewrote it with added humor and made it more playful and lively. They wanted to keep the humor goofy and tame, but we were still able to make a nearly 20 minute long training video about food and food preparation a bit more fun. We cast professional actors and shot with a full crew to give it high production values and smooth camera moves. With the frequent turnover in senior living cafeterias across their communities in seven states, the video helped save on airfare and hotel costs for their Director of Food and Beverages to fly to each community regularly.

While our team members are based in Los Angeles and Portland, we are a nationwide production company with more than one hundred videographers nationwide who have worked with us previously. We have high creative standards and have spent almost a decade building out our network so that we can film anywhere in the United States. One of our biggest training video projects to date was for SOSI, based out of Atlanta. We were able to create 17 training videos in a three-day production period and outbid two rival, local companies by at least $10,000 for the project. Despite the cost savings, we were still able to film with a high-end professional cinema camera and deliver professionally edited videos with multiple revision rounds.

At the top of this page, you can see a testimonial about the work we did for SOSI and the benefits they gained from choosing JLB Media Productions.

Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say about our video production services

We were very impressed with their professionalism and received an excellent product...

Our company – SOSI – Surgical Operational Services, Inc. was looking to develop a training program for our staff to include a course, video and exam for each of our competencies that we must test our staff on every year. I wrote the course and exams for each of the competencies but wanted to have a professional looking video for the competencies. I interviewed numerous companies and decided on JLB Media. We were very impressed with their professionalism and received an excellent product. I am sure if further videos are needed we will again use this company. They delivered very professional videos in a timely manner. They worked with us in every phase to ensure we were happy with the outcome.

– Robin, SOSI

We look forward to working with JLB on future projects...

JLB produced a sales associate video tutorial for our company. We chose JLB based on their experience in this area. They did an excellent job throughout the process -–pre-production, filming, post including finishing touches that resulted in a high quality training tool. JLB suggested creative additions that make the video very engaging to the target audience. The final product represents RSI Home Products objectives and is functioning as an excellent training tool. We were impressed with their expertise and execution–we look forward to working with JLB on future projects.

– Mona Salama and Karen Purcell, Marketing Specialists RSI Home Products

I am confident you will be very satisfied with JLB Media...

I strongly recommend JLB Media for your video production services. The team at JLB does an excellent job of delivering a quality product at an excellent value. Most importantly JLB understands the value in relationships and thus delivers excellent customer service throughout the process. I am confident you will be very satisfied with JLB Media’s video production services.

– Adam Kaplan, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing

Affordable Pricing

Because great customer service is the fundamental keystone of our business model, we work with our customers to find solutions to budgetary dilemmas. We don’t approach a project expecting our clients to bend their budgets to our creative goals; we find creative solutions to work with their budgets. Our advice to clients is always based on transparency and explaining what can and cannot be done for different budget levels and then helping them make the decision that makes the most sense for their needs. Our general price per video ranges from $3,000 to $7,000 for videos 2-5 minutes in length, but considerable cost savings are possible with filming numerous videos at once. We have been able to reduce costs to a bit over $1,000 per video when filming in bulk even for 2-3 minute videos. If you have training video needs, let us bid on your project and we’ll send you a detailed summary of the services we can provide based on your needs.

Training Video Production Tips

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Also, feel free to download our white paper for a lot of helpful tips on video production and marketing in general.

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