A Marketer’s Guide to Creating a Software Demo Video

The other day, I downloaded an audio enhancement software program to use the trial version. However, without much support on how to use it, I quickly found myself frustrated, and instead of purchasing the software, the company link sits in my Bookmarks folder in marketing limbo.

Sound familiar?

If you’re worried that your software product might be suffering a similar fate, it’s a great opportunity for you to create a software demo video. Done well, this will keep your customers engaged, show them a vision of what they can accomplish, and get them to understand the value of what you offer.

In this post, I’ll cover how you can create high-quality software videos, enhance your customers’ understanding of your software, and get more conversions.

Step 1: Choose a video production company

If you have an internal video department, this step might be as simple as submitting a video request, but if you’re going to outsource this job, you’ll need to take into account a number of different factors to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality work for the best price. We recommend that you ask the following questions to any potential video production services provider you’re considering.

  • How will you make my company stand out from the competition? (Make sure the video script writer can pull out the elements that show your software in a favorable light.)
  • Have you done other software videos in the past? (Ask to see their portfolio and ensure that the type and quality of their videos are similar to what you are looking for.)
  • What is the approximate timeline of events from start to finish in your production schedule? (Get an idea of how to budget your time and what project milestones you should expect to hit.)
  • What content will you need from me? (If a video production company isn’t asking you for content, you’ll get a promo video that’s extremely generic and won’t highlight your strengths.)

Step 2. Work together during the planning stages

Once you’ve made a selection, your video production company will work with you to define all the precise elements that need to go into the video. The more you can define and settle during this stage, the smoother the filming stage will go. To start with, figure out the goals for your promotional video. What do you want to accomplish? What action do you want your prospect or target customer to take after watching this video? Knowing what the video is supposed to accomplish will help guide all the little (but extremely important) decisions that need to be made throughout the process of creating your video.

For example, if your goal is to have the viewer present the software to their higher-up decision makers, then you’ll want to highlight the overall ROI and global benefits that using your software will help a company achieve. If the goal is to get the viewer to download a trial version or purchase the full version, you’ll want to focus on heightening desire, creating urgency, and highlighting a special offer at the end of the promo video.

Make sure each segment of the video addresses a common and widely-used function of your software. Focus more on benefits than on features, and make sure that you highlight the elements that set you apart from your competition. A great software demonstration never has to mention or make reference to other products, but by focusing on the great features you offer and emphasizing how they’ll benefit the user, customers will see the value.

Step 3. Film the promo video

Filming is a fun step, and if you’re working with an organized and efficient video production company, the planning will have been done correctly so that the filming is streamlined and everything is in place at the time that it’s needed.

In this step, you’ll probably incorporate some combination of actors doing voiceovers, company management giving brief quotes, customers giving testimonials, and screencasts of the actual use of the software.

Going back to the example of my recent download, if the company had created a video showing “before” and “after” results, demonstrated how to use each control to achieve the desired results, and given me a basic overview, I would have been much more likely to purchase it.

A great video is like a great sales pitch, and only a top video production company can make your promotional video pull that off in a way that hits the target and gets the results you want.

Step 4. Post the video with appropriate marketing collateral

How you distribute your software demo video will depend on your marketing techniques and strategies, but it’s a good idea to promote it in various places. For instance, you can embed it on a landing page offering a free trial download of your software, link to it in sales emails, and make it easy to find in your support documentation. Be sure to include supporting copy on the web pages where you embed it, and then A/B test the pages to ensure that you optimize conversions.

JLB Media is a video production company that specializes in high-quality, affordable video production. We’re committed to making your software demo video a success, so give us a call today for a quote. No matter where you’re located in the U.S., we can provide you with the service you’re looking for at the quality you deserve.