Benefits Of Being a National Video Production Company Based In Los Angeles

Your business certainly has a plethora of options when it comes to choosing video production services. But how do you know which video production company is the best for your needs?

At JLB Media Productions, we have produced more than 1,000 professional videos for businesses across the country in 93 of the top 100 U.S. metro areas. Much of our success comes from being a national video production company based in Los Angeles.

Today, we’d like to help you better understand the benefits of being a national video production company based in Los Angeles and how it helps us best suit your company’s needs — no matter where you are in the United States!


There is no question that Los Angeles is the unrivaled location for video production and creative talent. While you may know Los Angeles for its major role in the production of television shows and movies, those areas are far from the only ones. Being a national video production company based in Los Angeles affords us the fantastic connections and relationships with the most talented professionals in the industry, many of whom also call Los Angeles home. Our network includes more than 100 talented videographers nationwide. These connections and the close proximity allows us to produce videos of exceptional quality, all while keeping the cost down for you!


Video production is not simply splicing clips together and overlaying some music of voice-overs. It’s about telling stories and effectively communicating your value to the public in a way that engages them and convinces them to choose you and your business over everybody else. To accomplish this, you cannot undervalue the need for knowledge, experience and talent. Our Los Angeles video production company brings all three to every project across the United States because we have access to the best professionals in the industry thanks to our location.

Proven Process

Utilizing our experience and talented team of professionals, our video production company developed a video production process that works, backed by proven results. Our process allows us to provide creativity, quality and affordability to the brands we represent. We’re here to manage your project from start to finish, no matter your needs or where your company is based.


Because of our location in Los Angeles, we have access to some of the best equipment in the industry, which reflects in the quality of our video production services. This includes everything from recording video footage to recording in-studio and scriptwriting and storyboarding.

Professional Results

Videos are proven to engage consumers far more than any other form of content, but production quality is a prerequisite. Choosing the cheapest option or attempting to produce a video on your own often becomes the most expensive route because the videos aren’t effective and need to be redone. By choosing a video production based in Los Angeles like ours, you can rest assured you’ll receive professional results and a great return on investment. These videos represent your business, and we never forget that.