Corporate Videos for Companies With Numerous Locations

Many companies have to plan their video strategy by thinking about whether they should produce general brand videos or produce specific videos for each of their locations. The decision may come down to budgeting, but if budget is less of a concern than practicality and marketing goals, then consider some pros and cons. If you run a business with numerous locations, here are some considerations:

  • Is each location noticeably different, not just in layout but in service offerings? If so, you may want to advertise each location separately to emphasize its unique services. If each location is more or less the same, except for inventory and space, you are probably best served by a general purpose video for the brand and your stores as a whole. With nationwide department stores, they have no choice but to focus on the general brand as individual video marketing makes no sense.
  • Are people familiar with your brand having multiple locations? If not, consider one combined brand video showcasing your different locations, educating consumers about the options they have for shopping your brand. You could dedicate just the last section of the video to your multiple locations.
  • Does the style and character of each location feel different enough to warrant separate videos? In many cases, your service offerings may be similar (such as senior living), but the feel of each location is quite different. You may want to emphasize the uniqueness of each location without lumping them all into one video that ends up not feeling like any of the locations.
  • Do you have separate Facebook pages and social media accounts for each location? If so, you should definitely have separate videos if possible because each location will want to post their own video. If a video appears that doesn’t have any footage from the location in question, customers may be confused and wonder if you remodeled. Avoiding brand confusion is important, but there’s no specific need to make social media pages for each location if you think doing so would segment your brand and reduce your marketing efforts. Usually, you would only have separate pages if each location had a different name or different goals.
  • Do you have the budget to do each location justice? If the expense is too high, there are alternatives to accomplish your goals. For instance, you could focus on one of your nicest locations for the main video, having any potential interviewees at the primary location, then film additional brief B-roll at the other locations for integration into custom-tailored pieces for each location. The interview commentary would be common to all of the videos, but the B-roll would change depending on which location is used. Exterior shots would reflect the actual exterior for each location, but visually unidentifiable interior shots (close-ups of products, close-ups of people, etc.) could be repurposed. The final “call to action” screen would include details for the specific location only.
  • Will creating videos for each location create a headache later when videos need to be redone? Eventually, you will want to refresh your videos or reshoot them entirely. Will creating a separate video for each location be in the budget several years down the road? If not, maybe you should stick with one broad-purpose video. The relative marketing budget for each location may determine your strategy here more than any specific desire or need for location-specific videos, but even with smaller budgets, you can create videos for each location in editing by using separate call-to-action screens with the relevant phone number and address.