Finding a Chicago Production Company

Searching for a Chicago production company that can provide reasonable video production pricing and videography rates? JLB Media Productions has shot aircraft terminals, commercial office buildings for CBRE, senior apartments, assisted living communities, and worked with major Chicago-based companies like Grant Thornton to handle their video needs. Whether you’re looking for event video production, virtual tours, product demos, or even training videos, our team can assist you in creating the perfect video and ideal marketing asset. With new clients, our first priority is learning what purpose the video is intended to serve so that we can better tailor the video production pricing to meet their needs. We offer several standard package prices, but can design a custom quote for more sophisticated video needs.

Included in the discussion of target audience and delivery methods (social media, company channels, etc.) is figuring out how we can communicate your message in the most effective way using our decade-plus of experience in the industry. As a pioneer in online business-to-business video production, we have shot more than a thousand videos nationwide for clients in all industries from senior living to commercial real estate, technology to medical care, and financial services to logistics companies. Understanding your business and key marketing goals are top priorities for any serious film production company because ultimately video is a tool, used to drive traffic to your property, your Website, or to sell product, engage with customers, find potential customers, and elevate your bottom line.

What Is An Ideal Chicago Video Production Company?

What separates a video production company from a freelance videographer in Chicago is not the quality of the video itself, but the understanding that video creation may be a form of art, that video marketing is business and needs to deliver value to be worthwhile. The ideal Chicago production company should combine a love for the craft of video production with a keen understanding and awareness of the marketing aspect of video editing and delivery. We have spent many years in the industry reading engagement reports, understanding ideal video lengths, tweaking our processes, and making sure that a video isn’t just nice and pretty, but effective and able to hold viewer attention to drive customer interaction.

For us, the elements that create a successful project start with excellent customer service, continue to our trusted and skilled production team in Chicago, and extend to our full-time editing staff. We believe in specialization, so our first point of contact is a marketing professional who understands your needs and goals, our Chicago videographer is the best at what he does, and our editor for your project spends each day editing and mastering his craft. With single owner-operator freelance videographers, they often deal with the client, shoot, and edit everything themselves, which is often the cheapest option for completing a video, but we don’t believe it’s the best. Someone who excels at technical work may not have much of a marketing vision, or someone who is a great shooter might be an okay editor, but rarely will you achieve the best results with one person doing every job. They also can’t edit your video while they’re on another shoot, so you may be left waiting until their schedule has a hole and they have the time to finish your project.

Our Video Work In Chicago

Our work in Chicago spans many industries and styles of video production, from commercial real estate shoots focused solely on showcasing beautiful property shots to senior living videos focused on a more emotional, personal touch, to explainer animation videos that highlight key advantages to a product or service. Our ability to work with companies both large and small is one of the differentiating factors of working with JLB Media Productions. Though we are a small company ourselves, our clients include numerous multibillion dollar companies as well as startup companies. We have found that no matter the size of the company, everyone wants an affordable video production solution that makes sense for the budgets they have. There are only so many marketing dollars to go around, so our goal is to make sure our clients are satisfied with both the quality and the cost of their videos.