Finding an Austin Video Production Company

When searching for an Austin video production company, marketing professionals may want to consider a company that has filmed all over Texas in almost every city large and small, from car dealerships to senior living communities to airport terminals to logistics facilities, many of them in Austin. At JLB Media Productions, we believe in a specialized approach to video production that meshes an agency approach with the single owner-operator approach. With marketing agencies, video production is one service they offer, but is often highly marked up because of expensive office space, many employees, and generally high overhead. With single owner-operators, you’re asking one person to be the best possible videographer, the best editor, the best customer service representative, and the best marketing specialist. We believe in keeping our videos affordable to clients while still having a key professional to handle each aspect of the video creation process.

Our Fundamental Company Tenet

One of the fundamental company tenets is offering video production packages to our clients without travel costs. For many companies, they might be based in one city like Austin, but have a conference in Las Vegas or Chicago, or need a customer testimonial in New York, or they may even have properties spread across Texas and other states. We want to make sure that when we discuss pricing, our clients will pay the same price for the same type of video in another city, which is why we’ve spent more than a decade building a talented and trusted network of videographers. Many of our videographers have been shooting for us since early in the company’s history, some have changed markets and continued to work with us, and our strong bond with our production talent helps us assure quality videos time after time.

Video production is a rather unique service because it straddles the line between art and commerce. What good does a nice, professional video do without an understanding of video as a marketing tool? At the same time, if there is no artistry, no cinematic understanding of film as a medium of expression, any marketing value is going to be diminished. Our company founder has a background in film production from music videos and short films to a feature film upon which he joined the Director’s Guild of America. Our VP of Business Development has decades of experience in marketing. Our videographers shoot a variety of video footage for a living. Our full time editor is dedicated to understanding how to assemble great footage into an effective, compelling video. In other words, we believe in using a team of specialized professionals to handle your video production needs in Texas and beyond.

Austin is Unique

Austin is a very unique city and market for the film industry because it has rapidly become a city where art meets technology. Because of the Austin Film Festival and a burgeoning film industry and writer’s community in the area, it has attracted a lot of Hollywood interest and creative professionals to work together in the filmmaking field. At the same time, it has rapidly grown into a technological hub for startups, major corporations looking to relocate, and entrepreneurial spirits and rebels of all kinds, including comedians like JP Sears. As such, the need for video production in Austin has increased as companies look to gain an edge over competitors, showcase their products and services, and launch new marketing initiatives, but so too has the availability of creative professionals to tackle such videos.

We believe we are well positioned to serve any company’s video production needs not just because of our talent in Austin, but because of our superior customer service, attention to detail, affordable pricing, and nationwide reach. Large companies with Austin production company needs might also need videos produced in other markets, but smaller, growing companies enjoy our flexibility to be their “go to” video production company as they continue to expand and serve more markets.