Insider Tips: Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Video Production Company

Avoid Choosing a Company with a Limited (or Inexistent) Portfolio

This is no time for amateur hour. Your corporate videos must be professional and polished, and they need to communicate the right message while reflecting your brand in a positive light. Each video needs to make an impact, and it has to be memorable, with the key points you want to convey getting across to viewers.

It takes a certain level of experience plus a mix of just the right technical, creative, and business skills to produce corporate, marketing, and promotional videos that exude a high degree of professionalism while being entertaining and innovative. A video production company with a limited portfolio, or a company that has no samples to show, is not the right choice. The risk of spending a great deal of money and ending up with poor results is just too great.

The Production Company Shouldn’t Skimp on Creativity

Even if your promotional video is a marketing tool meant to promote your brand and gain a larger following, the creative factor is still important. The video production company you hire needs to work with talented writers, producers, videographers, choreographers, musicians, and other professionals to develop a video that’s more than just a sales pitch. The more creativity that a corporate video production company can infuse into your videos, the more interested your audiences will be in the messages you’re trying to get out. Never skimp on creativity.

The Company Needs To Be Marketing Savvy, Too

Of course, the production company you choose has to know what it’s doing in terms of marketing. Creativity is important, but creativity alone will not succeed when it comes to increasing traffic and conversions. In addition to helping you entertain your audiences, the video production company you work with needs to help you find them. The company must have a deep understanding of the marketing benefits of using your corporate videos as promotional tools. Be sure to ask for pointers on how to maximize your return on investment and achieve your marketing goals.

A Team Approach to Video Production

Finally, the company you select has to be a team player, and this means communicating with you every step of the way. Even if you give the video production company full creative license to produce your promo videos, you still need to be kept in the loop. A team approach to video production is vital for your video marketing success. Letting the company run with an idea without frequently checking back, or hearing back, is risky; the end result may not align with what you had envisioned or hoped for. The team approach ensures everyone is heard, and all options are on the table, before a direction is taken that your marketing and executive groups feel confident about.

Why Choose JLB Media Productions

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