National Video Production Company: Customer Case Study

National Video Production Services for Large Corporations & Companies

Senior Lifestyle operates senior living communities in more than half of U.S. states from coast to coast. As a result, their marketing and training divisions have a lot to handle not only on a local, community-specific level, but in standardizing operations and quality control across the portfolio. Operationally, a company could choose to let each individual community figure out their own marketing needs and hire local videographers, but the results may vary wildly. Strategically, most companies with numerous locations want to maintain certain high standards that are followed by each location. The goal is not only to assure similar quality and customer service from every location, but also to make sure the marketing goals align with corporate standards. A company like Senior Lifestyle is the perfect fit for our national video production company because we built JLB Media Productions to serve clients with video needs nationwide. For single-location businesses, choosing a local video company often makes sense especially for low budget productions. For a company like Senior Lifestyle with many dozens of properties spread across the United States that has high quality standards, a national one-stop video agency is the perfect fit.

Virtual Tour Videos

The largest part of our work with Senior Lifestyle is filming community-specific tour videos that showcase the property, the staff, and the residents and family members who benefit from the quality of care provided. Each tour video is meant to capture the unique elements that make the community special to its residents and staff. From a rustic and charming 1800s manor set on a large property in Ohio to a high-rise senior living community in the middle of Chicago, our job is to tell the story of each community and its residents. Our network of more than 100 videographers nationwide allows us to maintain the same quality standards and pricing regardless of the market. The dependability of results and predictability of the pricing are two huge benefits to the service we provide for Senior Lifestyle and other national clients.

Employee Service Award Videos

Senior Lifestyle has a great program to honor its best employees called the Heart of Caring awards. Given annually to a small handful of employees nationwide (usually around 4-5 people), the Heart of Caring award is given to people who embody the values of Senior Lifestyle and its mission statement. The award winners are people who go out of their way to make seniors feel special, loved, and appreciated and whose positive attitude is contagious for those around them. Great companies value and appreciate their employees not only because of the cost of high turnover rates, but because it’s the right thing to do to build a successful business. Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson once said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” The Heart of Caring award is a way for Senior Lifestyle to let employees know their hard work and efforts are valued. The award winners are flown to the company’s annual meeting and honored for their service. Every year, we produce a video for each award winner where we interview other staff and residents about the winner, then interview the winner alongside showcasing them at their work. The videos serve not only as internal company morale building tools, but also provide value to the individual communities at which the award winners work.

Corporate Training Videos

In addition to the other videos we produce regularly for Senior Lifestyle, we also have created employee training videos like a whiteboard animation video on best practices for the communities’ concierges. We also produced a video on the company’s core values, CHART (Caring, Honesty, Appreciation, Respect, and Teamwork), with commentary from the company’s president, as well as a video on their four pillars of the company. Additionally, we created an employee onboarding video and an animated employee education video. As a full production company, we are able to create a variety of types of videos to serve our clients’ needs, which means choosing the right medium and right tools for the project. Employee training is critical to most companies not only to improve the bottom line, but to increase employee retention and satisfaction and to improve customer service interactions. More than $70 billion is spent on corporate training every year in the United States alone, but video production is a way to bring costs down by cutting the cost of travel and reducing the hours that highly paid staff spend on training individual employees. Videos are also relatively simple to update and showcase nationwide, which helps standardize training efforts and make sure every employee is gaining the same knowledge.

Corporate Event Videos

Many companies hold annual meetings or corporate retreats to discuss strategy, honor top employees, and celebrate the past while looking ahead to the future. Senior Lifestyle has an annual leadership conference where many of their top employees gather to discuss personal and professional growth, leadership, and how to excel at their jobs. We created a short video for the conference to showcase its value and also show the Heart of Caring award winners on stage, accepting their awards. Creating videos for corporate events not only strengthens the company culture and showcases the value of the company, but also provides another opportunity to honor the hard-working people within the organization who are responsible for its success.