Video Production for Dental Offices and Orthodontists

Each corporate video production has its own goals and challenges, but as a general guideline videos for individual business locations should focus on similar marketing goals no matter the industry: 1) What differentiates the business from other local businesses? 2) What philosophy or approach guides the business practice? 3) What specific services are offered? If you’re considering a video production for a dental office or orthodontist, you probably know about the SEO benefits of video production. Not only can marketing videos help search engine rankings, but they also establish a trust and connection between the provider and the potential customer.

Before you produce a dental office video or orthodontist video, write down a list of reasons why customers should choose your office over others in the area. Location alone is not a good marketing point, so if you’re stumped ask some of your customers what they like most about coming to your office. Do they enjoy the care they receive? Is the lobby especially appealing or unique? Is the pricing competitive or is the business open to many types of insurance? Do you offer a greater variety of services than most offices (teeth whitening, orthodontics, teeth cleanings, wisdom tooth removal, etc.)? Nobody really loves visiting the dentist, but a video production showcasing a friendly staff, inviting office, and great services can go a long way towards attracting new customers.

Every business has a philosophy or guiding principle, even if you don’t always think about it. Why did you start your practice? What makes you passionate about it? For our business, I love telling stories and I love creating videos. A ton of work goes into each video production, but being able to see all of the work in a couple minute video is satisfying. Working with different companies in myriad industries on a regular basis also keeps the work fresh and exciting. Your business philosophy or attitude should be reflected in the video production, so when potential customers see your video, they understand what you value and how you operate.

Although the purpose of a first video production for a dental office is often a company overview, don’t be afraid to focus on your service offerings, especially if one of them is rare. Maybe you’re one of the few orthodontists in your area offering Invisalign, or maybe you have an in-house surgeon who specializes in wisdom tooth extraction. Focus on your services and how they set you apart from other dental offices or orthodontists. A brief overview is ideal for a company profile video, though. Keeping the total video length to around two minutes is a great way to deliver enough information to a potential customer, but not bore them with too many details.

The most important aspect of video production for dentists and orthodontists is delivering an authentic look into your business. If you’re goofy and have a sense of humor, make a video that shows your personality. If your office is huge and offers every type of specialization, showcase it. If your rates are the best in town, let everyone know. Be creative and be unique so that you stand out from the dozens of other offices in the area. An expensive dental office video isn’t necessary, but spending enough money to create a professional marketing tool is required to position yourself in a favorable light.