Video Production for Hospitals and Healthcare Companies

Though video marketing is widely used to sell products and increase brand awareness, the use of video assets for healthcare companies and hospitals is just as valuable both for patient awareness and information as well as staff procedures and standards. When seeking medical help for a surgery, patients naturally feel a degree of anxiousness with their decision and which hospital or doctor to choose for the procedure. Video provides a way for the patient to connect with the doctor speaking about the procedure, his experience, and his staff in a way that text alone cannot, which may make the difference between the doctor the patient chooses or at least sees for the initial consult. With best practices and proper procedures changing regularly, and hospital safety and cleanliness being a major concern both for medical staff and patients, training videos also provide a way to make sure everyone is on the same page with the way they handle their duties.

Healthcare marketing and video production has a different approach and feel than more sales-oriented videos in that the goal is more to educate patients about the procedures or services offered, about the doctors and staff, and about the healthcare facility rather than a hard sale of a product or service. As such, the videos tend to focus on patient testimonials, doctor explanations of procedures, and reasons for why the procedure is necessary or recommended for the patient, what the process entails, and a bit about the recovery timetable. For some healthcare services, the focus is on educating patients about new procedures or new ways of handling an issue that were not previously options to them.

While the goals are different, the reasons are similar in that video increases the chance of a front-page ranking on Google by 53 times. Online videos are the best way to engage with potential patients and build brand trust and recognition. Video production for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can have particular benefits because the market segment has been slow to change advertising strategies and outreach beyond traditional forms of marketing like television, radio, and print ads. While Google found that 1 in 20 searches overall are for healthcare-related information and that 57% of Baby Boomers have searched for healthcare information online, eMarketer found in 2015 that only 2.8% of overall digital ad spending was from healthcare or pharmaceutical companies.

With competition slow to adapt, there is an opening for hospitals and healthcare providers to take advantage of their competitors’ complacency and develop a digital marketing strategy that includes online videos. By 2017, 74% of all Internet traffic is expected to come from videos, so the volume is present to support a greater emphasis on video resources for healthcare companies. The potential both to help patients in their choices and improve medical care make the investment worthwhile for many companies.

Not all video production and video marketing has to have an eye towards the bottom line in a direct profit-generation manner. Video resources can also educate patients on preventative care, new technologies available to them, a company’s billing system and health insurance processing, or even touting a healthcare company’s awards and accolades in the industry. Building trust and establishing connections with patients increases their likelihood of recommending a company’s services and care to family members and friends, but also keeps them healthy, happy, and loyal. Video can accomplish a variety of goals for healthcare companies, a few of which are listed below:


While reviewing options, patients benefit from being able to see the doctor or healthcare professionals speaking about their values, practice, and experience. Additionally, videos that focus on humanizing a brand or providing an introduction to the doctor help patients feel comfortable with the person they are trusting with their health and the team present.


With hospitals, treatment centers, or other care facilities, the quality, warmth, and ambiance of the building can be just as important as the staff. Video provides the perfect way to showcase well built, state-of-the-art facilities or just nicely designed treatment centers that put patients at ease. We have shot hundreds of senior living communities and memory care facilities nationwide.


With constantly changing technologies available to patients, video provides a great way to showcase new products or devices in ways that highlight their effectiveness, ease of use, and benefits. Medical product videos may not differ much from traditional product videos for consumer goods, but they will have more of a focus on filling a specific need or replacing older methods. They’re also likely to highlight overall healthcare benefits or explain how the product / device works in combination with a greater healthcare goal.


Whether the goal is bringing new staff up to speed on hospital procedures or cleanliness or whether it is part of a larger effort to standardize operations and communicate proper procedures, training videos are an ideal way to keep staff in compliance with an organization’s goals and standards. Training videos can range in complexity from basic procedures for organization and efficiency to more sophisticated demonstrations of technology use or patient care.