Video Production Inspiration For Your Marketing Campaigns

A little bit of cinematography magic will make your promo videos far more engaging and memorable, greatly enhancing your marketing efforts.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

When it comes to marketing campaigns, video productions can convey a wealth of information in a short time. Here’s an important thing to remember: if you’re having fun making the video, chances are good that viewers will have fun watching it, and that element of fun will help make your message stick. So let your guard down, and start getting creative!

It Begins With A Story

Your promotional video has to tell a clear story in a succinct format. You only have a few seconds or minutes to get your message across, so the challenge is to use that brief time to visually convey a story viewers will associate with your brand. Start by listing the main points you want to convey, and remember that less is more. Your main message should be woven throughout the entire promo video, and you can add one or two supporting points, but keep things simple. Try not to stuff too much information into one production. Stick to the most important takeaway points, and then tell a story that highlights these specific details. You can have the most polished video ever made, but if it doesn’t present a cohesive story that hooks viewers in, it’ll be quickly forgotten. Well before writing and shooting any marketing videos, brainstorm possible ideas and outline plot lines for inspiration.

What If You Could Create Anything?

With video productions, there are constraints in the form of budget, time, tools, logistics, and resources in general. But what if there weren’t? What would you create if you could do anything with an unlimited budget? Start there, and you’ll see creative ideas start flowing like a rushing mountain river in spring. Once you’ve narrowed down on a great idea or two and a direction, figure out how to make it work with the resources that are available to you.

The Element Of Surprise

Any story with a twist in the plot or a surprise added in naturally holds our attention better. Remember this when you’re looking for inspiration for your promotional video or any corporate video production efforts. Think about the movies you’ve seen or books you’ve read that still capture your imagination today. What plot twists did they throw in? What elements of surprise stood out for you? Add something unexpected, preferably with a touch of humor, to your marketing videos to get viewers to really warm up to your message and brand.

If you need more inspiration, turn to the video production services specialists at JLB Media Productions. We will work with you to turn your promotional videos into whatever you need, from mini works of cinematographic art, to clever short stories that stick with viewers. Contact our video production company today for help with videos that’ll convert more people over to your brand.