Video Trends for 2017 (Part 1)

Each year, video becomes an increasingly more important aspect of most companies’ marketing goals. One of the big reasons for a rise in the importance of online videos is the increasing number of devices that viewers use to consume video content, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops. Cisco expects spending on video advertising and online video ad spending to grow 31% for 2017. Looking at the expected video trends in 2017 is a good way to understand how consumer behavior has changed or will change regarding video consumption. Emerging technology and changing advertising structures also contribute to expected changes in video trends for 2017 that will impact corporate video production needs.

Social media networks are becoming more attractive to marketers, not only because of people sharing videos with one another but because people spend increasingly large amounts of time on social networks like Facebook. As a result, videos drive engagement and brand interest to a much larger extent when they are capable of “going viral.” While informative, educational videos can work for the right company that can tap into interested consumers, emphasis should be focused on short, shareable videos. People are most likely to share videos they think are funny or clever, simply because they will be most likely to interest friends and family. For the right brand, even “outrageous” is better than boring, because nobody will share a boring video. They’ll scroll right past it. Facebook is responsible for more than two-thirds of social network ad revenue worldwide.

Because of more focus on social media networks for marketing dollars, short video content will be key to success in the realm. Text and picture updates can still be effective tools for marketing on social media, but video is king. Numerous studies have already demonstrated how short viewers’ attention spans are with video content, but on social media networks it is likely to be even shorter. The best videos will have a strong hook, meaning delivering an upfront message within the first 5 seconds of the video, then convincing viewers to watch the rest of it. In the “scroll through newsfeed” type of mindset, videos lasting in the 15-30 second range are likely to be most effective, almost like TV commercials.

Another avenue for video production and marketing is combining your brand awareness with an important cause for your company. For instance, a beauty product company might want to emphasize their cruelty-free testing policies to encourage viewers to share with their friends about the importance of choosing the right products. A technology product company may provide educational grants to gifted young people or a charity program benefitting inner city schools. In a world where consumers are increasingly aware of social issues and challenges, brands can turn their good deeds into good will for their company. Hopefully, companies are interested in making a positive difference in society for more reasons than just brand benefit, but tailoring video campaigns around showcasing your brand’s social awareness is never a bad plan. Such video campaigns not only raise awareness of the issues and challenges, but also provide a way for your customers to share “call to action” type of videos with their friends and family.