Training videos are a great way to standardize operations and cut costs by producing a video or a series of employee training videos that reduce the time required for a supervisor to train each employee individually. For companies with operations in many cities across numerous states, training employees can be difficult, especially when each location may train employees slightly different from a manual. Quality training video production allows for employees to obtain information and learn procedures in a much faster, more interesting way than dry manuals and printed text. Whether a company wants a customer service training video, a security training video, a food services training video, or any other type of video to educate employees and maintain quality standards, we are able to meet the task.

Why JLB Media Productions?

We pride ourselves on being able to tailor each training video production to the client’s needs from simple and straight-forward to logistically complicated productions. With our award-winning creative team, we can help with script advice and casting decisions that give your training videos the right feel and tone. For longer training videos, injecting some humor and wit into the proceedings is a way to punch up the material and make it more accessible to employees.

For BPM Senior Living, we took a basic script of what needed covering for a food services training video, then rewrote it with added humor and made it more playful and lively. They wanted to keep the humor goofy and tame, but we were still able to make a nearly 20 minute long training video about food and food preparation a bit more fun. We cast professional actors and shot with a full crew to give it high production values and smooth camera moves. With the frequent turnover in senior living cafeterias across their communities in seven states, the video helped save on airfare and hotel costs for their Director of Food and Beverages to fly to each community regularly.