Conversion Optimization Overview

When you create a video, it’s not something that you do for entertainment; it’s something that should do a job for you. The great news is, a good video producer can make a video that is very good at doing its job. Most of the time, the job you want your video to do is to gain more conversions. Is your video hitting the mark?

Think of your video as a salesperson who never sleeps, who is always on the job 24/7, and whose performance never slacks due to tiredness, distraction, or boredom. If you had an underperforming salesperson on your payroll, you’d look for a better one. The same thing holds true for your video. If you’ve had a video on your site for a few months, and you can’t point to the results it has brought you, it probably wasn’t optimized correctly for conversions.

Best Practices

Ask yourself the following questions in order to get on the right track with a video that doesn’t just attempt, but succeeds, in getting people to take action, buy your product, make a phone call to your sales team, or sign up for your service.

  1. Who is my ideal customer?
  2. What problem or difficulty do they have that causes them to want my product or service?
  3. Is my video drumming up that pain point and highlighting their need in language that they understand?
  4. Does my video offer a clear and compelling solution to their need, problem, or pain? Does it paint a beautiful picture of the transformation that they stand to gain if they become my client?
  5. What action do I want people to take after seeing my video?
  6. Is it clear to the typical viewer what their next step should be?
  7. Have I measured and tested whether or not people are going on to take that desired action?

If you answer these seven questions, it can take you a long way towards identifying whether your video was created with conversion optimization in mind.

If your current visual assets are falling short of getting results for your business, it’s time to get them done right. You’ll gain more attention, inform your customers, and sell more products when your video team has the skill to create videos that do their jobs.

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Solving your customer’s unanswered questions makes them buy more

At the end of the day, you need video production that brings results, and that’s why knowing about conversion optimization is important. In the hunt to optimize your product messaging to increase sales and boost conversions, here’s one simple tip that can help your customers to buy more, buy sooner, or both.

That tip is to solve your customers’ unanswered questions.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, learn what their questions are.
  2. Then, answer each question comprehensively in an engaging video.
  3. Watch sales happen sooner, with less effort on your part.

Think about your own thought process when you’re about to buy an unfamiliar product. You have a running narrative in your head, asking questions to yourself.

  • Will this work for me?
  • Will this product solve my issue?
  • How long is this going to last? Is it going to fall apart after I use it once or twice?
  • What will I look like to others when I buy or use this item?
  • Can I do without this? What are the risks to me if I go without this solution?

Depending on the product or service in question, you might have a ton of questions that you need answers to before you can pull the trigger to make the purchase. So naturally, you’ll go looking, and when you do, where do you turn first? You search online.

That’s exactly what your customers are doing, too. The only question is, will your video appear in the search results with the exact answer they’re looking for?

Here’s how you can get in front of the hottest leads, right at the moment that they’re asking questions related to your product.

1. Learn what their questions are.

How do you learn what people are asking about your product? Here are some tips for how to do it.

  • Ask people. Survey your customers or even talk to strangers. See what they want to know.
  • Go to and type in your keyword or product name. You’ll get tons of results of questions that people are typing into google about that thing.
  • Visit forums related to your industry and search for the keywords that have to do with your product. Learn what people are asking (and also discover what they are complaining or ranting about).
  • Go to Amazon and look for similar products for sale. Read the customer questions and the reviews to extract what qualities are important to people.

2. Answer each question comprehensively in an engaging video

Creating a video to answer your customer questions is a great idea for several reasons. First, Google tends to give video results a place closer to the top of the search results. Second, people find video more engaging than a wall of text. Third, you’ll have a chance to visually demonstrate your product or service in action, rather than relying on people’s ability to visualize it for themselves. You’ll also have a chance to incorporate your brand colors, logo, and slogans in an unforgettable way in the video.

Tips for your video:

  • Make the video title an exact match for the wording that people are most likely to be searching for. Think about how your customers would ask the question to Google or Siri in a voice search. Make that the title of the video.
  • Keep the video short. The exact length of the video will vary depending on the complexity of the answer, but a 30-second video will get more views than a 3-minute video.
  • Create a professional, engaging video that reflects well on your brand. It should be creative and entertaining while answering the question completely.
    Include a call to action at the end of the video. What is the next step that the viewer is supposed to take? Make it easy to take this step.

3. Watch sales happen sooner, with less effort on your part

If unanswered questions are creating an obstacle to people making a purchase, then removing that obstacle will unblock those lost sales. Your customers will feel reassured now that their questions are answered. They’ll proceed forward in their journey towards a purchase, and sales will start flowing in.

Don’t miss out on this easy way to harness the power of the internet to make your sales cycle run smoother. Don’t give people an excuse to put off their purchase or buy less.

Create your videos answering all your customers’ questions with the expert team at JLB Media. Our video producers bring you the skill and talent that allows your video production efforts to look professional and engaging, and you’ll find the whole video creation process to be easy and straightforward. Contact us to get the process started.

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