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Company Overview Videos

One of the most popular first forays into video production for most companies is some type of company profile or explainer video. The purpose of a company overview video is to educate potential customers on what your company does, why you’re the best at doing it, and emphasize any key values or principles. The focus of each company overview video varies depending on the company and the specific marketing goals, but the overall concept is similar. You want to create a high quality video that introduces customers to your brand, especially because Brightcove, a marketing company, found that 62% of consumers had a negative view of a brand with a poor quality video. Below are a few examples we have done for companies specifically in the Los Angeles area.

Product Video Production

Another major category of video marketing is videos focusing specifically on a given product or service offering from a company. Videos are a great way to showcase the benefits of a product or service, compare and contrast it with competing products and services, and educate potential customers on what makes your brand the strongest option. The Online Publishers Association found that 80% of users recalled watching a video ad in the past month, with 46% taking some type of follow-up action. Impressively, 53% of viewers contacted the business after viewing a video, 51% visited the company Website, and 33% visited the store. For product videos, demonstrating features is also a great benefit not only to entice new customers but to improve satisfaction among existing ones. Four out of five shoppers say videos about how a product works are important. Take a look at a few of the videos we have done for products and services videos in the Los Angeles area.

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