Best Video Production Services Nationwide

JLB Media Productions began in 2008, bringing a unique business model as a video production company with it. Based out of Los Angeles, we’ve produced more than 1,000 videos across 41 states and in 93 of the top 100 markets in the country — all without charging major travel costs.

Our commitment to providing high-quality video production, built around creativity and affordability, to brands and businesses has never wavered. Our video production services stretch from marketing assets such as commercials to corporate video production and training materials, product videos, event videos and more. Our capabilities include aerial videography, voice-over, animation, cinematography and motion graphics.

Beyond exceptional video production services, our video production company stands out from the rest thanks to our start-to-finish approach, centered around client satisfaction and collaboration. JLB Media Productions manages your video projects from beginning to end, no matter what type of video services you require or where your company is located.

Why JLB Media Productions?

When it comes to choosing a video production company, you want to select a partner that not only produces an exceptional quality of work, but that works with you to fully understand the vision of the project and your individual needs. Customer service is always a priority at JLB Media Productions. We supply the extensive knowledge and skill in video production in order to make your vision come to life and fulfill the result you desire. Videos, while powerful on their own, are best utilized as an integral piece of your overall marketing strategy.

Video Production With National Reach

We’ve spent more than eight years carefully building our network of talented videographers, with more than 100 nationwide. This allows us to offer exceptional video production services nationwide, without needing to pass the significant travel costs on to you. You receive a boutique service on a national scale!

Flexible Options Made to Convert

Whether you need a single marketing video, an on-going video production strategy or a multi-faceted approach incorporating a number of video elements, JLB Media Productions has the skills and flexibility to handle any and all scenarios. The key is that our videos are created to engage your targeted audience and drive conversions. Seventy percent of marketers report video converts higher than any other content. Our video production services connect with your audience and integrate them with your marketing strategy.

Affordable Video Production Prices

While every company wishes they had the budget and resources to pour into extensive marketing, the reality is that most businesses must make sound decisions with the money set aside for marketing. Our goal is to provide video services to suit the needs of any business — big or small. We strive to offer competitive prices to match the quality of our video production services and your company’s budget, as well as seeking creative solutions. Check out our video production pricing packages today.

Our Video Production Services

As we mentioned earlier, JLB Media Productions offers a wide variety of video production services, providing your company with both flexibility and exceptional quality for an affordable price. Videos can be powerful tools for both external marketing purposes as well as for internal, educational purposes. From on-going projects to one-time needs, we have you covered. Let’s take a closer look at some of our most popular video production services.

Company Overview Videos

One of the challenges many companies face is standing out from the competition and establishing a brand identity. Company overview videos are an excellent first foray into video production and are intended to educate potential customers on what your company is, why they should choose you and to emphasize any principles or key values. The approach can vary depending on your goals and vision, but the overall concept remains the same — introduce your brand to potential customers. And, quality is critical. Brightcove, a marketing company, found that 62 percent of consumers formed a negative view of a brand due to low-quality videos.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production can involve many different kinds of videos, however, the unifying factors are that all corporate videos seek to increase your company’s online profile, advance your search engine optimization efforts and build customer rapport. High-quality videos are proven to boost conversions, increase click-through rates and improve overall website rankings.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos and commercials are far and away what most of us think of when we hear corporate video production. And that’s for good reason. Promotional videos and commercials can be extremely effective marketing tools when produced with quality and creative vision. We produce high-end commercials and promotional videos at a fraction of the cost of the average national television commercial. We serve as both the creative force in collaboration with you and the video production company. To learn more about promotional videos or commercials, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Product Videos

Many companies are based around products or services they sell. Product videos are an excellent way to showcase your products or services, outlining the benefits of your products, compare it to competitors or simply educated potential customers about what the product is or how it works to better their lives. Videos are statistically proven to drive customer engagement, stick out in a customer’s mind and lead to returning business. The Online Publishers Association found that 80 percent of users remember watching a video ad in the last month, with 46 percent taking some form of follow-up action. Another 53 percent contacted the business after viewing a video, 51 percent visited the company’s website and roughly 33 percent visited the store itself!