Chicago, IL – January 14, 2019

JLB Media Productions & Didgebridge will be collaborating to address a critical need in the health-care clinical trial sector with ultra-private, personalized, mobile-video communication networks that fast-track clinical trial recruitment, management, and data-reporting while providing an unprecedented level of privacy protection.

Didgebridge Team member Dr. Atif Zafar comments: “We are delighted to collaborate with JLB Media Productions world class video company. JLB’s extraordinary video production capabilities combined with Didgebridge’s proprietary Intellismart ® platform now enables ultra-private 1.2.1. mobile video communication between trial managers and patient participants. This ultra-private Intellismart ® network is securely delivered outside of the Public Internet Ecosystem without reliance upon public Internet web-sites, public patient email, insecure apps, or user-unfriendly portals. Thus, the communication cannot be searched, mined, or weaponized against the patient, medical center, or sponsor.  This Intellismart ® level of security is vitally important in protecting the privacy of the patients and the medical centers, of course. But of equal importance are the privacy needs of the sponsor, who may suffer substantial financial damage if trial progress leaks occur to the curious financial community or competitors.”

Ivy Johnson, Vice President at JLB Media Productions, acknowledges the enhanced value of JLB’s video expertise within the healthcare and medical sectors when combined with Didgebridge’s technology. “One of the primary challenges we see after delivering a finished video to our clients is distribution. Many companies focus more on the creation of video content and less on a strategy of how to push that video content out to their target audience. Experts on consumer (patient) education understand that mobile video is a powerfully effective technology in human communication and comprehension. JLB’s best of class video production and Didgebridge’s deployment touchpoints quickly expand “reach” to potential patient trial candidates and improve engagement (understanding) of what the trial entails. We believe videos we produce for our clinical trial clients delivered through Didgebridge’s ultra-private networks helps to fast-track the recruitment process while significantly reducing participant drop outs, enabling trial sponsors to adhere to their launch-date timelines while protecting all facts of privacy, which saves money and maximizes financial goals.”


About Didgebridge:

Didgebridge is an award-winning communication-tech company, specializing in ultra-private, personalized 1.2.1. mobile video networks. These Intellismart ® networks, bypass the Public Internet ecosystem, and are thus not searchable, mineable, or weaponizable. Didgebridge serves the needs of market sectors, which understand the power of video engagement, while also placing an extraordinary value on privacy.

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John McNulty                                                                                                        

CEO, Didgebridge


About JLB Media Productions:

JLB Media Productions is a leading national video production company founded by award-winning writer, produce, and director Jonathan L. Bowen. With its unique business model, JLB has been able to produce videos in 41 out of 50 states and 93 of the top 100 markets, all without charging travel costs. JLB Media meets the needs of national brands who require ongoing high-quality video production that is scalable and still affordable.

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Ivy Johnson

Vice President, JLB Media Productions