A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to shoot a corporate virtual tour video in Los Angeles for a remodeled community under new management with Integral Senior Living. While we have shot hundreds of senior living videos in states across the country, Integral was our first paid client as JLB Media Productions many, many years ago. I had previously done a series of senior living videos for BPM Senior Living under my previous company banner, which Ivy (our VP of Sales & Marketing) and I used to promote our video production services to other senior living companies. Integral had initially chosen another vendor, but we kept in touch and before long, we learned they were unhappy with the work being done and wanted to give us a try. About seven years later, we still work regularly with Integral and have since completed videos for about a dozen other senior living companies, becoming a leader in the senior living video field.

The community we shot for Integral recently is called Canyon Trails Assisted Living & Memory Care, which is a residence for seniors with onsite staff 24 hours a day, many activity options for residents, and a focus on family-like care and quality of life. Previously called Topanga Park, Integral took over the community’s management and rebranded it Canyon Trail as well as doing a major makeover and remodel. The goal of the video was to showcase the quality of care and sense of community at Canyon Trails, but also showcase the updated courtyard, kitchen, dining room, lobby, and other areas.

Many of our senior living clients regularly make alterations to their communities to make sure they meet the continuing needs and standards of residents, which often leads to the need for new corporate video productions and marketing photos to showcase in advertising materials. The videographer who shot Canyon Trails for us is also a long-time friend and collaborator, Michael Woxland, who is not just a great videographer but a talented cinematographer with feature film experience and a great eye for visuals. Michael and I last collaborated on my short film, The Phoenix Project (2013), and he also served as director of photography on my first short film, The Devil’s Matchmaker (2009), which went to 15 film festivals. Woxland also shot a pivotal scene in my feature film, Amy Alyson Fans (2011), and shot B camera on a music video with me as well (The Gothic Killer Clown). He has been a regular videographer for JLB Media Productions in the Los Angeles area throughout our company’s history.

Although hiring feature film cinematographers for corporate video production work in Los Angeles is a more regular occurrence than other markets, we try to staff our shoots nationwide with highly creative videographers, many of whom have worked with us for years. For the Canyon Trails shoot, Woxland even brought a drone to capture some great outdoor shots of the community and add production value to the shoot.

For me, a shoot like Canyon Trails is representative of the company I wanted to build nearly nine years ago when I started JLB Media Productions here in Los Angeles. I wanted to work with talented professionals I know and trust, I wanted to offer high quality video productions, and I wanted to provide great customer service that kept our clients coming back again and again. With Integral as our oldest client and Michael as one of our original videographer contacts, Canyon Trails encompasses the values we hold as a company in building meaningful business relationships that endure throughout years of success. I hope to have the opportunity to meet Integral’s needs for many years into the future.