On Saturday, May 6, we filmed training video footage for a local Portland area valet parking company, Premiere Valet. Several times each month, the company deals with training new employee hires for valet service and going over correct procedures covering everything from parking to customer service to sign-in sheets. The goal of the video project is to create tangible training video collateral for future use so that employees can refer back to the video, which strengthens the company’s customer service efforts. Additionally, it provides an easier way to demonstrate correct procedures compared to using company staff time exclusively for each training session. As a company, we have produced a number of training video materials for different industries from food services to medical equipment to concierge duties.

For the Premiere Valet project, we intend to use both live-action filming materials and white board animations to complete a comprehensive training video presentation. For filming, we used two Canon 5Ds, a Mark III (“B” camera) and a Mark IV (“A” camera). Having the Mark IV always on a tripod and the Mark III always on a fig rig (handheld stabilizing device) allowed for faster shooting during production and multiple angles of most actions. The shoot itself was entirely B-roll driven, with voiceover to be added later, so we didn’t need to capture audio or hire actors, which is a savings for the company. We used an LED lighting kit to light the car interior shots, because of the kit’s battery-powered capabilities and nice output for a small space.