Spring is coming, and with the change in seasons comes a new opportunity to review, revise, and boost your marketing videos game plan. Today we share ideas to help you rethink and improve your business’s or organization’s marketing video strategies.

Aim For Consistency

One way to greatly improve results from your marketing videos is to come up with a consistent plan. You’ll want to create and share videos regularly. Too many companies create videos when they can, to the point where it’s almost an afterthought. If instead of throwing marketing videos out there sporadically you create a video-release schedule and stick to it, you’ll see better SEO and customer-interest results, and your business will benefit greatly.

Simplify Your Message

Some companies try to say too much in each video they create. This approach actually dilutes your message, because it clutters your promotional video with too many different messages, making it hard for viewers to pinpoint and remember even a single one.

If instead you focus on one main message per video, and you find creative ways to reinforce this key message, your viewer will pick up on it much more easily, and just as importantly, will retain the information longer.

When you have multiple messages to convey, take the opportunity to create several videos. In general, a series of short videos works better than one lengthy one. People are busy, and they just don’t have the attention span to invest a great deal of time in watching a long video. They will take the time to watch a collection of shorter ones, though.

Add Color For Vibrancy

Springtime is alive! It’s when the quiet wintertime period comes to a close and everything comes back to life. Flowers bloom in a rainbow of colors, trees sprout fresh green leaves, and the overall landscape is renewed. It’s a vibrant, exciting time, and you can infuse that sense of newness and vibrancy into your videos by choosing to use spring-related colors. In particular, fresh greens combined with pinks and lilacs work really well, but you can tailor your palette to your brand’s colors. This is a time of year when you can go a little crazy with color use!

Springtime Motifs Can Truly Engage

People often experience an intense internal response to springtime images. You can capitalize on this by imprinting positive spring images to your marketing messages. Get creative; what seasonal images can you tie into your business? Some ideas include a bouquet of fresh flowers, a grove of blossoming cherry trees, baby animals (puppies are always popular), and gentle rainfall. Use imaging people will truly resonate with.

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